Monday, August 20, 2012

Escaping the city @ Sip Cafe

There is a gem - literally, a large gem - in the middle of downtown Boston, and it's called Sip Cafe. Housed in the pleasant greenery of Post Office Square, and in a little building made largely of glass, it reminds me of the place in Sound of Music where Leisl and Rolf sing and dance and share a chaste kiss. Ah, happier times.

Sip Cafe offers a wonderful escape from your office desk. Not only does it feel lovely inside, but there are seating pads outside for customers to sit in the park. Picnic in the middle of my stressful work day? Yes, please.

Rebecca, Christine, and I hit up Sip a few months ago to grab some lunch and work on the annual first year associates skit (an amusing hazing ritual, which we have now since survived and will never want to relive). Rebecca ordered the lentil soup and declared it delicious.

I got the half sandwich half soup combo. My tomato basil soup:

Fresh, tasty, zero complaints.

My mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwich.

The bread was nicely toasted, the ratio of ingredients was right on, and I'm a happy customer.

While I was ordering my food, I noticed an m&m cookie the size of head (which is big). Naturally, it had to be in my stomach.

I love this kind of cookie - thin, crispy on the borders, and yet still gooey on the inside. 

My absolute favorite thing at sip cafe is their noccio bello - a hazelnut latte topped with orange zest.

Not only am I a big fan of hazelnut lattes in general, but the orange zest really puts this over the top. You can smell the amazing combination long before you taste it, and it really does knock your socks off.

I urge you to go to Sip. All five of your senses will thank you.

Zero Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02110
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  1. Dude. That noccio bello looks mighty fine !!! Also love that they give seatpads. So genius !