Monday, August 6, 2012

Ad Hoc Fried Chicken at Bouchon Bakery

(There will be a series of late posts.  This is one of them.  My apologies as always.  This summer has been busy !)

Although neither Mr. FoodandPants and I are fathers, we couldn't help but partake in a Father's Day meal at Bouchon Bakery in our ongoing dedication to finding the best fried chicken ever.  So naturally, we could not miss ol' Thomas Keller throwing his hat in the fried chicken ring with the Bakery dishing up his signature Ad Hoc fried chicken in the east coast for the first time.

Our meal began with a light salad of beautifully poached eggs, asparagus, prosciutto and slivers of ricotta.

Fine, Thomas.  I'll let you seduce me with your luscious hen yolks.

The whipped butter was fine too, though the cornbread more crumbly than I would like.  (Southern girls know best, you know.)

The chicken was golden and crisp, attractive and inviting under thick sprigs of rosemary.

But that critical first bite did not elicit swoons as I had expected from a chicken that is brined with lemon overnight.  The chicken was sufficiently moist, but not succulently so, and though the crust had a fine crunch to it, the crunch was not of a bird that was freshly fried to order.  It's semi-warm interior was a clear indication that this chicken had already been sitting in the kitchen that morning, awaiting the wave of New Yorkers clamoring to get a piece.

It was disappointing.

So disappointing, I didn't even feel like eating this celeriac coleslaw thing.

But I did try some of the leek bread pudding that was creamy and thick with ham chunks.  It was simply okay, mushier than I'd prefer but flavorful.

The blueberry pie with buttermilk ice cream was okay also.  With an ultra thin crust and minimal, if any, filler, the pie resembled more of a tart, and paired well with the perfect ball of ice cream balanced on top.

As expected from Thomas Keller, this fried chicken meal had beautiful presentation, but unfortunately was altogether quite ordinary in taste.  In fact, of all the fried chickens I've consumed in my life (which may be enough to feed a small country), I don't think this Ad Hoc fried chicken would even make the cut in my top 10.  Oh well !  Better luck next time !

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY

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  1. i am so intrigued by that absolutely perfect ball of ice cream!!