Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ice Cream Day at New Amsterdam Market !

The end of the summer is quickly drawing near, and I have been trying to savor every last moment !

Last Sunday, New Amsterdam Market hosted the third annual ice cream festival, bringing together a mix of Northeastern ice cream makers from both restaurants and local artisans.

I love the New Amsterdam Market - it's an absolute gem located by the South Seaport under the FDR with fresh produce, cheese, fish and meat alongside prepared food vendors like Pie Corps and Luke's Lobster.  I love the market even more when there is ice cream to be had !

The ice cream festival benefits the New Amsterdam Market, helping to keep it alive, and this year, it cost $25 for a tasting of 8 mini-scoops from any ice cream vendor of your choice.  What you will find in the following photographs is that each mini-scoop is served on a mini-cone, and it is all ridiculously cute.

Here is all of what Mr. FoodandPants, his lady friend, and myself tackled !

I particularly like how this cone has taken the Asian girl in the background's breath away.

From Luca & Bosco, Mr. FaP and his ladyfriend ate the sweet corn flavor while I noshed on fresh mint and Madecasse chocolate freckles.  Can I just say chocolate chip should always be called chocolate freckles?

While the ladyfriend was most impressed with the strong notes of sweet corn, the fresh mint was lacking any mint flavor, but the freckles were most delightful.

Rouge Tomate's coconut-lemongrass - tart and tangy.  Puts the lemon in lemongrass, but little to the coconut.

Mr. FaP and his serious dulce de leche-marzipan

The bitter almonds and roasted apricot from Il Buco Alimentari.  Completely studded with roasted apricots - it was creamy, chewy, delicious !

The sassafrass sorbetto from Esca.  A complete joy for root beer lovers - smooth and delightful.

The fowl triple from The Bent Spoon featuring sweet cream ice cream made from different types of eggs.  Starting from the bottom: ostrich, duck and quail.  Though I couldn't discern the differences in egg (perhaps because I've already had four shares of ice cream at this point), the ice cream was quite good, creamy and satisfying.

Mole and vanilla cream with donut peach apricot jam from La Newyorkina

I generally don't like Van Leeuwen, but the caramelized honey flavor was on point !  Tasted like honeycombs, and the walnuts were big, chunky and awesome.

The tri-star strawberry from Dreamscoops.  Simple and summery.

The salted cantaloupe and wild ginger from Steve's Ice Cream.  The salt flavor was strong, the wild ginger was not.

And finally, the basil ice cream from Marlow & Sons.  Refreshing and light.  Would go perfect with my future dinner at Diner, chowing down on fat burgers !

After 8 scoops of ice cream (okay, I had nine if you're really counting), my belly was bursting with calcium-fueled joy ! It's a truly lovely event, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and benefits a neat little market in the city.  Hopefully you can catch the next one, if you haven't attended before already !

New Amsterdam Market
South St, between Beekman and Peck Slip
New York, NY

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  1. i kind of want to eat every picture!! and now all i can think about is roasted apricots. GREAT THANKS.