Sunday, July 31, 2011

Greetings from India and Scenes from Montauk, NY

Hi friends!  I apologize for the serious delay in posts of late.  The last week or so have been a whirlwind between eating out like mad with Nick & gang as well as preparing for my work trip to India!  I actually am writing to you from India this morning!  I just arrived last night, after a really long journey, and I've been up since 5 a.m. today.  You can see I am adjusting to the time zone change beautifully. :)    So far, I've only had airplane / airport food to eat (which was a lot!).  I think I ate like 20 times in the last two days.  Here are some shots of business class airplane and airport lounge food from Emirates Airlines.

Emirates JFK airport lounge: fruit plate, egg white omelet, porcini frittata, potato roesti, chicken sausage and french toast
Butter curls in sealed glass cups - Diana would love!
Lunch appetizer: Chicken tikka 
Lunch entree: beef with salsa verde, potato gratin, woodland mushrooms and asparagus bundle
Dessert: Almond and fig tart
Light snack of chicken and hoisin soba noodles
Breakfast appetizer
Breakfast entree: french toast, "New York style blueberry pancakes" (read: blueberry muffin tops) and crazy mixed berry compote
Emirates Dubai airport lounge dessert spread - pistachio panna cotta, hazelnut cream puff, fruit and a cool baklavaish thing
Emirates Dubai lounge spread of hot food - curried vegetables, penne and tomato sauce and a spinach thing
Dinner - potato curry and lentils
I was so sleepy / full at this point that I didn't even touch this.  Looks pretty though.  Yogurty
Greeshma has given me some great food tips for Hyderabad though, so hopefully I will have some exotic new eats to share with you soon (as exotic as my stomach can handle, eep!).

Meanwhile, I have several new sets of pictures from New York to post, including this one from our recent trip to Montauk, one of Nick's bucket list spots.  Montauk is a solid three hour train ride on the Long Island Railroad, the easternmost point of Long Island.  There's not much in Montauk, to be honest, so it's best to go there with good friends and a car.

After arriving, we promptly headed for lunch at a casual spot called St. Peter's Catch.

St. Peter's appears to be mainly a fish market which also dishes some of their fresh fare.  

At lunch, they have a ridiculously awesome special featuring 1 1/4 lobster, mussels, corn on the cob and coleslaw for $18.95.  We all opted for this sweet deal.  

Several of us also opted for the effervescent and all-natural blood orange soda from the cooler at the cashier's recommendation.  Boy were we glad - this Italian soda was quite refreshing, as effervescent things often are.

The food took quite awhile to prepare.  We were all hungry and anxious, breathing in the area's salty ocean air, so I'm sure that didn't help with patience, but nearly an hour later, we were finally given some lobster bibs to prepare for our seafood feast!

We were each handed a styrofoam container, and opening it was like opening a present on Christmas Day - so exciting!

Oh hi, you beautiful thing, you!

Most of the lobster was pre-cracked already, so it was easy to extract the meat, however some of the claws required a little more work, so we ended up requesting a shell-cracker to ensure we got every nook and cranny of meat possible from this sucker.  

Hi, you meaty claw you, have you met my friend melted butter?  I think you two would get along swimmingly!

Everyone enjoyed making good tasty work of their lobsters.  The lobster had great fresh flavor.

There's no bathroom in St. Peter's catch; so we had to walk across the parking lot to a public park restroom to wash our hands.  Then it was time for 'dessert' in the form of Belly's New Orleans Sno-Balls, located just a few steps away from St. Peter's Catch.

In addition to these staple flavors, Belly's also features some seasonal specialties like honeydew and chiromoya.

I got blue raspberry, and it was great! 

Nick opted for honeydew, which didn't quite taste anything like honeydew, but had a wicked cool color.

After, we all napped on the beach.

Then, before we headed back, we grabbed a quick snack at the local grocery store which boasted famous Herb's fried chicken.  It smelled amazing, so I had to have some.

It had the saltiest crust ever, but the chicken inside was wonderfully moist.  If they had just cut a touch back on the salt, this chicken had the potential to be rather fabulous!

And that's Montauk!
St. Peter's Catch
58 S Erie Ave, Lion's Field Park, Montauk, NY 

Near St. Peter's Catch

Herb's Market
778 Montauk Highway, Montauk NY


  1. Wow! THAT'S airport/airplane food?! The chicken tikka is barely recognizable! So fancy.

    I'm usually so jealous of your icee outings, but I actually went to Ralph's on 24th Street just yesterday, so I can enjoy this post without wanting to hurt you!

  2. hahahah that is such a glorious amount (and variety!) of food in two days!! *proud and jealous* love the pics so far, keep having a blast in india!!!

    (that breakfast entree is ridiculously awesome. and mr. lobster. i like him a lot.)

  3. Whoa, that is a lot of good-looking airport food. US airlines just don't get it right. Flying would be a lot more fun if I had that food to look forward to.

    I wish I was closer to good (and good-value) lobster. The seafood looks awesome.