Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last day in Atlanta...

First on the agenda for the day was brunch at Canoe. However, we ended up getting there half an hour before it opened, so to kill some time, we went searching for - go figure - food. It's what we do best, after all! We found Crepe Revolution nearby, and decided to give it a whirl.

Our bananas foster obsession led us to split the bananas foster crepe.

It was just okay. It arrived lukewarm and was a tad too sweet. The candied pecans were the best part of the whole thing.

After that appetizer, we headed back toward our reservation at Canoe. Let me tell you: I love everything about this restaurant. For example, the decor.

Yes, there is a canoe above your head the minute you walk in.

The location.

It's right by a river, and you can stare at the lovely outdoors while dining on your delicious food.
And yes, the FOOD. This brunch was southern-goodness-outta this world. We started with the G
eorgia pecan sticky buns and a sweet and savory scones basket.

It was instant love.

Han's breath was taken away by the sticky buns.

They were perfectly warm, flaky, buttery, sweet, and all-around fantastic.

My breath was taken away by the scones. Our basket included an original scone, a cheddar-bacon scone, and a cinnamon scone.

My one complaint of scones in general is that they're often too dense. These babies, however, were fluffy but still maintained the right scone texture. They were so flavorful and warm. Equally amazing were the preserves [apple and blueberry] and honey butter that came with. 

You could taste the freshness of the fruit in the preserves, and don't even get me started with the honey butter. *swoon*

For our entrees, Carrie ordered the Riverside: applewood bacon with scrambled eggs, hash browns and french toast. When it arrived, I was immediately jealous that I had not ordered it because it looked just grand!

She loved it, and our favorite part had to be the bacon maple syrup. Look at those pieces of bacon swimming around in there. Just lovely.

Han ordered something akin to a duck eggs-benedict (the names escapes my memory), and it was also really tasty.

The duck meat was plentiful and awesome, especially when saturated by the egg yolk.

I went with the soft scrambled eggs with jumbo lump crab meat and celery hash browns.

Admission: I can't stand capers. And you'll notice all these capers in my dish! So I was scared that I would be underwhelmed by these eggs, but lemme say, they were very good! I loved the hollandaise-like sauce they put on top. The mini-chopped hash browns were the right amount of crispy+soft, and the crab was plump and fresh. Treasured all my bites.

After this scrumptious meal, we took advantage of the gorgeous day and walked around historic Oakland Cemetery and explored Piedmont Park. Then, naturally, we got hungry again and went in search of King of Pops. After a great deal of effort (I believe normally one would just look on its Twitter page), we found some of the pops sold at a local gas station.

OMG... These were incredibly refreshing and refreshingly incredible! We tried the tangerine basil, something-strawberry (again with the memory argh), and chocolate sea salt. 

They were all winners. The touch of basil was such a nice complement to the tangy-sweet of the tangerine. The chocolate sea salt pop had a wonderful fudgy texture and the bit of sea salt was a wonderful addition.

It was a perfect end to our time in Atlanta. Hopefully we'll visit again soon!

Crepe Revolution
4600 West Village Place
Smyrna, GA
Crepe Revolution on Urbanspoon

4199 Paces Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Canoe Restaurant on Urbanspoon 

King of Pops
Varies, check Twitter!
King of Pops on Urbanspoon


  1. haha - i think my dish was just called duck & eggs. it was good and almost too meaty ! i love those sticky buns and scones so much. i want to come back to atlanta just for those. (sigh!)

  2. I've been dying to try Canoe for a while - and now I won't be able to get these scones out of my mind! Great post!

  3. I love how one of you always gets the craziest thing on the menu! (It's usually oyster-related, in my opinion.) Crab and eggs seems wild to me. But delicious!

    Also: basil in anything = yes.

  4. duck eggs benedict??! and the popsicles?? must get to the A.