Monday, July 11, 2011

California ! The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles

The second best thing Greeshma and I ate during our California trip had to be the pancakes at the Griddle Cafe.  The cute West Hollywood breakfast spot with warm brick walls and vinyl booths and seats is a favorite among celebrities like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.  If they could look that good eating pancakes, then we can too!

In addition to perfectly cooked eggs and lovely fresh fruit, there are two notable things at the Griddle Cafe:

1. The namesake Griddle potatoes.

A near-footlong slab of hot griddled potatoes, the inside soft and mashed with chopped sweet onions and crisped to perfection.  Hash brown meet mashed potato meet pure awesomeness.

2. Quite most importantly, the pancakes.  Duhhhzzz.

My eyes could not even comprehend the size of these three gargantuan flapjacks.

The pancakes come in thick stacks of three in a variety of fashions and flavors including red velvet (with cream cheese frosting - yah huh!), Oreos, S'mores, caramelized bananas and more.  

Here's a shot of the pancakes in front of Greeshma for size relation.  

Greeshma and I chose the "Teacher's Pet," featuring their classic buttermilk pancake cooked with baked cinnamon apples inside.  The warm, tender apple slices were plentiful throughout the pancakes.  "There must be at least two whole apples in here!" Greeshma marveled.  Indeed there were - it was entirely dreamy especially doused with melty butter and pure Vermont maple syrup.

Places like The Griddle Cafe make me sad that my stomach isn't large enough to eat three different varieties of their pancakes in one sitting or that the restaurant isn't closer to home, but hopefully other people will be able to try this spot to experience the beautiful joy of good ol' fashioned oversized pancakes.

7916 W. Sunset Blvd., LA, CA


  1. This is a place after my own heart. I've heard the streusel-y pancakes are insane.

  2. YOWZA! I'm going back to Southern California next month; remind me to go here! And to order the red velvet! And to not share them with anyone!

  3. i cannot believe those pancakes!! i'm drooling drops of jealousy!