Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boston! Breakfast Fancy & Banana Sandwiches at Mike & Patty

We are going to do some ogling in this post.  Yes.  You.  And me.  Let's do it.

Mike & Patty's is a tiny little Boston-based eatery dishing out tasty breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

The place seats about 6-7 people max with a communal table situated at front of the space.  The rest of the space is filled by the griddle flattop to the left and the cash register to the right.  

WIth such limited space, the restaurant packs fast, with the overflow of customers cupping their sandwiches on nearby curbs and steps.

The chalkboards mounted above the dining table list their menu offering - the breakfast fancy is their signature morning item featuring bacon and egg, avocado and cheese served on wheat toast.

So naturally, we got the breakfast fancy.  You just have to order any item that is called a fancy!

Indeed, this fancy is exactly that, the sandwich was thick with crispy bacon, bright fresh avocado and beloved egg.  The avocado just melds into the sandwich beautifully.

I couldn't tell from Diana's swoony faces which sandwich she liked better, but I definitely preferred (with my mouth full of sweet teeth) the grilled banana sandwich we shared.

Oozing with cinnamon honey butter and served on pain de mie, the sandwich, overflowing with hot, soft bananas, was pure heaven in my mouth.

Words cannot describe enough how amazing that sandwich is.  It is pure ridiculous cinnamon buttery decadence, and I wish I could eat it everyday.  I love you, Mike & Patty, whoever you may be.

12 Church Street

Boston, MA 02116
(617) 423-3447
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  1. When I make it to Boston one day, I'm totally eating that banana sandwich. Love these photos!

  2. I mean, about the only thing you can do to make cinnamony, buttery bananas better is to pop them on some bread. YUM.

  3. how have i not gone there since?! i need to remedy that soon :)