Sunday, August 14, 2011

Red velvet: Two of my favorite words in life

Many apologies!! With Han in India, and my day job going crazy, two weeks flew right by without an update from us! In lieu of a full post, I thought I would just tease you with a picture from Max & Dylan's here in Boston. After snapping up this picture with my blackberry, I inhaled it:

I rarely say no to a red velvet cake on the menu. The best part? You know it already, because it's staring you in the face.... the layers of white frosting + chocolate ganache! The cake itself didn't have enough of that clutch cocoa flavor, but the layers in between totally made up for it. Creamy and decadent to the Max (buwahah). I didn't even use the side of extra chocolate ganache. I will next time, though. Just because I can.

Max & Dylan's
15 West Street
Boston MA 02111
Max & Dylan's on Urbanspoon


  1. i love anything red velvet!! you know what's great? red velvet cake batter.

  2. geez that looks beautiful! i want a fat slice when i visit you again!

  3. Red velvet is not usually my favorite but that slice of cake looks fantastic.