Friday, September 10, 2010

Williamsburg Weekend: Pates et Traditions, Rabbithole & Egg

Hello !!  Hope you had a fantabulous Labor Day weekend, because I did !  Why?

Greeshma came to visit !  ...Which means...


Win for everyone !  Win for me in the form of some new pounds, win for you for calorie-free indulgence of some sweet food pics!

Here is what we did in Brooklyn!

First! Brooklyn Flea brunch and massive shopfest of sweet shades and vintage button rings. 

Traci & Greeshma with some Red Hook Lobster Pound lobster rolls (my previous review here and here)

For dessert, we each nabbed stroopwafels from The Good Batch.  Stroopwafels are Dutch waffle-sandwich cookies, typically with a caramel filling; the variation shown here was called the Bonfire, featuring soft cocoa waffle cookie, salted caramel sauce, dark chocolate ganache, roasted meringue.  Basically delicious, messy s'more heaven.

Classic stroopwafel faces.

Many hours and many vintage button rings later, Greeshma, Swarna and I headed for a snack at Pates et Traditions, an adorable spot, filled with Francophiles, specializing in crepes and pure cuteness.  We sat outside in their charming white picket fenced in area and ordered a few desserts: 

Greeshma's pear, almond and chocolate crepe

Here's a free tip for wooing Greeshma: smother yourself in pear, almond and chocolate, her favorite flavor combination.

I ordered the banana and chocolate crepe.

So.  Good.

The next day we decided to finally try brunch at Rabbithole, another charming looking spot we had spied ages ago while traipsing around in Williamsburg. 

Eggs benedict with spiced bacon on an herbed biscuit with hollandaise sauce (on the side), roasted potatoes and a side salad (that I pawned off on Greeshma of course)
These roasted potatoes were my favorite.  They tasted as if they were tossed in olive oil and herbs and roasted perfectly in the oven.  Crisp and wonderful.

Top ten favorite things in Han's world: poking the yolk of eggs.  Such. Beauty.  The herbed biscuit was slightly sweet and the bacon was good.  All in all, solid combination. 
Rabbithole won't knock your socks off for brunch, but it is a good place for some solid food in a cute environment (back patio/garden FTW).

On Monday, we brunched at our beloved Egg.  Trying to branch out from the Eggs Rothko, I ordered the country ham biscuit:

The sandwich features special ham from Kentucky, Vermont white cheddar cheese and fig jam

I am still marvelling at how beautiful the biscuit was

A view of the fig jam innards.  I swoon as I think about the combination of the salty ham with the sweet fig and the buttery, crunchy biscuit.  Mmmm.

My dish also come with some cheesy grits which I handed off to Greeshma, because whatever Greeshma wants, Greeshma gets!  She is not a big grits fan but loves Egg's grits.
And that was the Williamsburg part of our weekend!  So fun, but helps to have such fun company also!

Brooklyn Flea
176 Lafayette
Brooklyn NY

Pates et Traditions
52 Havemeyer St
Brooklyn NY
Pates Et Traditions on Urbanspoon

352 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Rabbithole on Urbanspoon

135 North 5th Street
Brooklyn NY
  Egg on Urbanspoon


  1. good LORD... the waffle sandwiches, and the pear+almond+choco, and the general fun!! i need to visit brooklyn STAT.

  2. i'm sitting in the clinic and HAD to relive this perfect weekend . . . soooo much delicious food drool . . .