Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brooklyn Flea Take 2 and 3: Asia Dogs, Red Hook Lobster Pound and Porchetta

Last Sunday, I headed out to Williamsburg's Savings Bank to check out the Sunday Brooklyn Flea in an effort to make good on my promise to try every food vendor at the market.

Only in Brooklyn can a flea market be located in a beautiful savings bank.

The market appeared much smaller than Saturday's market in both regular market vendors as well as food vendors.  It would be wise to check the vendor list posted on the Brooklyn Flea's website each week prior to heading out to the scene, but of course, since I let my stomach spontaneously dictate most of my daily activities, I did no such preplanning and was bummed to find no huaraches at Sunday's market.

So, I decided to just go ahead and knock Asia Dogs off the list of vendors to try.

How Asia Dog works (per their multi-colored chalkboard): You pick your dog (beef, organic beef, chicken and veggie) and then you pick your toppings which range from kimchi (the Ginny) to banh mi (the Vinh, my nephew!)

The regular beef hot dog + the WangDing (bbq pork belly + cucumber + scallions)

Nothing like nice chunky, saucy pork to top a beef hot dog

I was fearing it would taste grossly fat, but it tasted okay!  The beef hot dog was nice and firm, the bun was crisp from being grilled on the side and the pork belly added interesting, juicy flavor.  In hindsight, I might have preferred more veggies (a la banh mi toppings) instead of more meat, but while I find that my cholesterol say no to the pork belly, my heart always says yes. 

In sum, I liked Asia Dogs, but I did not love it, and I would rather put my $4 towards a Porchetta sandwich on any Saturday.  A girl likes her pork sandwich!

The Pupusas vendor was also available on Sunday, but they served pre-made pupusas from heated metal trays.  I would prefer to go on Saturday for freshly made, grilled ones, so I just ordered a horchata from them instead.

Rice + milk + spices (i.e., cinnamon).  A nice way to wash down a double meaty hot dog.

I left the flea market a bit depressed, most likely from the overcast day coupled with the cold, marble savings bank.  I do prefer the hot sun beating down on me while looking at second hand wares on wobbly tables pitched atop the hot tar pavements of the local school while sucking down icy Mexican beverages.


This past Saturday, that was where I went!

Behind the plastic coated metal fences are vintage clothing, vintage jewelry and love.

The mission was lobster rolls, my new obsession.  Although, apparently it is not only my new obsession, it is New York's obsession.  It's contagious!  Watch out !!

I bee-lined straight for Red Hook Lobster Pound who boast the freshest lobsters in town; the owners drive to Maine weekly and get their lobsters direct from the lobster boats.

The buns are buttered and griddled with nice golden edges

Red Hook Lobster Pound offer two types of lobster rolls: Maine (cold with light mayo) and Connecticut (warm, buttered).  I wanted to compare it directly with Luke's Lobster, so I ordered the Maine.

It came with lots of chunky lobster meat dressed very thinly in mayo accompanied by some shredded / torn lettuce, a sprinkling of scallions and a light dusting of paprika.

The nicely griddled, buttery buns.

The lobster roll was very good.  The lobster was fresh, and the bun was great but could barely contain the thick pieces of meat.   I did like the scallions, because like Greeshma, I love scallions on anything, but I found the lettuce a bit distracting.  Also, I felt that I was able to taste more lobster flavor with Luke's (hard to explain, but true!).  Despite, I am intrigued by the Connecticut option, and will return soon to try it, especially since it made Grub Street's top 101 sandwiches.

And then, because I have a serious problem, I went to the Porchetta table, and I did it again *cue Britney's song!*

Pork-fection.  Seriously.

So, I think I still have lots of vendors left (there seem to be more cropping up each time I go!), but I plan to make at least 1-2 more visits this month.  Huaraches, I am coming for you next!

Saturdays at 176 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Sundays at 1 Hanson Pl., Brooklyn, NY
Asia Dogs
(Mobile food vendor)
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Red Hook Lobster Pound
284 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY‎
(646) 326-7650‎
The Red Hook Lobster Pound on Urbanspoon
 110 East 7th Street
New York, NY
(212) 777-2161
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  1. asiadog is the best name ever!! i'm also in disbelief that they put pork on top of a hot dog. hahaha hilarious.

    i love buttery grilled bread, and that bread looks super!! actually, both the lobster bread and pork bread look soooo good!