Saturday, June 12, 2010

GC V: Dim Sum Go Go at Night. Again.

Greeshma now insists that dim sum should only be eaten at night.
I can't even look at her when she says that.

But for something so wrong, it does taste so right.
Belmund and I confirmed that the last time we came here with Greeshma.

And it's fitting Greeshma would want to commit such blasphemy again as one of her final meals in the city.

This time, Greeshma brought Laura, who sat down at the table and said, "I want to eat six pounds of food by myself."

So we set forth with that goal in mind:

The salted, roasted soy nuts that Greeshma loves graces every table. 

Fried sesame dough balls.  Laura insisted on ordering these first, while there was plenty of stomach space to truly enjoy them. 

Nice thick, crispy dough surrounding a sugary bean paste.  Freshly fried, these were delicious, as expected.

We also immediately ordered Greeshma's beloved steamed, roast pork buns.

Pillowy dough wonders

Filled with sweet, saucy roast pork.  Minimal chewing required (Greeshma's favorite way to eat).

My second favorite dumpling offering: shrimp and chives 

Because they are so chock full of chives !

This is a picture of the shrimp and chive dumpling on its way to my burgeoning belly.

A new order: the roast pork pie.  We had seen these on the table of another customer last time, only to find that they had ordered the last one, and then they had the tenacity to not eat them (we stared at them all night).  But now they were ours for the eating!

As I looked at this, I just could not conceive how this could not be good.  I love roast pork.  I love pies.  Their union was but imminent!

The filling on these were exactly the same as the steamed buns.  Laura and I really liked this: the crisp, super flaky crust, and the sharp black sesame seeds blended well with the sweet pork. 

Stuffed mushroom.  The steamed mushroom was basically topped with the same filling as their shrimp dumpling.  It tasted fine, nothing unique.

My favorite dumpling here remains the duck dumpling wtih the soft, ruched dumpling wrapper and the sweet duck meat and vegetable filling center.  Laura declared this her favorite dish of the night.

Chicken and sticky rice in lotus leaf.  I can eat this all day.  Love love.  Last time, Belmund, Greeshma and I all shared two.  This time, I insisted we all have our own.  I was in no sharing mood when it came to this one.

Fried shrimp balls.

Completely filled with shrimp goodness.

Another solid night of great dim sum.  We did not quite meet Laura's requirement of 6 lbs, but we were definitely all feeling stuffed to the brim.
As of this post, I still have not yet had dim sum during the day here in New York.

Thanks for that, Greeshma.

Dim Sum Go Go
5 East Broadway, New York, NY‎
(212) 732-0796‎
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  1. hahahah greeshma is so strange. :)

    BUT OMG THE DELIGHTS!!! that sesame ball looks like it belongs in my tummy. and bbq pork pastries are my fav in dim sum!!! super favorite. and this one you ate looked REALLY good. the one thing i just NEED to try is that duck dumpling thing. we don't have that here! boo. my stomach is grumgling now. thanks ;)