Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today: Farmer's Market Apple and Duck on Rice from New Chao Chow

This is what I ate today.

McIntosh apple from Wednesday's Midtown East farmer's market (47th & 2nd):

A bit softer than I like my apples, but a healthy afternoon snack I know Greeshma would be proud of.

For dinner, I was craving a $5 plate of duck on rice, so tried a new spot in Chinatown called New Chao Chow.  The menu is part in Chinese and part Vietnamese. 

It's hard to know how you spell this place.  I've seen it mentioned Chao Chow, but the sign clearly states Chiu Chow.

All reviews will state the soup and wontons are the way to go here.  With me in a perpetual sweaty state lately in New York, I just wanted plain ol'duck and rice.  Like this:

The duck was okay.  I've tried duck at about six places in Chinatown now, on my hunt for the best, but New Chao Chow is definitely not it.  The duck is served cold (bleh), and it is really lean, which is good for those fat conscious and bad for those (ugh, I'm disgusting!) who like a wee bit more duck fat because that's why duck is so good in the first place.  I suppose the duck would taste better in soup, because at least the meat would be hot.  The duck could also use more flavoring as well, but from where I sat this evening, I just had a plate of bland, cold duck.  Bummer.

So don't be like me.  Go for noodles and wontons. 

New Chao Chow
111 Mott St
New York, NY
New Chao Chow on Urbanspoon

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  1. hahahhaha... i don't like cold duck either!!! or lean duck. fat makes life so much better :)