Friday, August 13, 2010

More Brooklyn Flea Food Fare - Mexican Corn, Pizza Moto, Sigmund Pretzel Shop and Red Hook Lobster Pound !

We are alive.  Promise.  Some things have a way of tumbling down, like time for instance.  My lease end date of August 31st originally seemed so far away, but now, it's kind of...2.5 weeks away...and I still have no place to live...  But that's just minor details.  You don't care about those.  Where is the food?!

I'm going to go ahead and skip forward to the weekend where we returned to the Brooklyn Flea (at J's request! It wasn't me, but I wasn't fightin' it!).  We saved our stomachs all morning, and with J in tow, I finally got to try just about everything I've ever wanted !

So enough small talk, let's see it already!

I've long been eyeing Pizza Moto's ~$10 pizzas that they make fresh on-site; there are three types of pies available: margerita, black mushroom and a white pie with an option of adding pepperoni for $2 more.  The ginger eye candy is free!

They cook the pies using their portable wood-fired oven.  After you place your order, the pie will be finished in about 15-20 minutes depending on the queue.

15-20 minutes can be a long time with all the delicious food scents wafting in the air, so we got a snack in the meantime at the beloved Mexican fruit drink stand - Mexican corn !

These are the ingredients that go into making Mexican corn.  Now we will watch how these ingredients are used!

First, put a napkin in your cleavage to soak up excess sweat.  Second, lather on OODLES of butter onto freshly grilled corn using a spatula

Scoop up a bunch of white cheese

Sprinkle it all over like it's snow on Christmas day!
Lastly, spice that motherf*ckin' corn up, son!

A couple of minutes and $3 later, this beauty was mine !

I must say, I had my doubts.  I had no idea what this crazy mess would taste like, but I am glad I took the plunge.  It was the best surprise I've had in some time.  The salty combination of the cheese mixed with the sweetness of the corn and encompassed by the spiciness of the Mexican chili...Let me just say.  It was like Mozart was in my mouth conducting himself an edible little orchestra.  All the flavors were amazingly in synch.  Can I also admit to you that I've been thinking about this corn for two weeks?  I am going to get some this weekend.  I cannot wait any longer!

Our pizza was finally finished 25 minutes later; we opted for the margerita + pepperoni (o' course)

Fresh mozzarella, basil and pepperoni

The pizza had a really nice flavor.  Light, fresh sauce, chewy cheese and crisp pepperoni.  It was super thin (perfect to just snack on).  The pizza is a  bit on the soggy side though so good if you don't mind that (you know who you are, crisp-pizza-snobs!)

I've been eyeing these for awhile - I've seen Sigmund's Pretzel Shop at the Hester Street Fair, and they appear to be regulars at the Brooklyn Flea as well.  This baby here is a truffle cheddar cheese pretzel.  They have a few options as well as chocolate chip cookies with pretzel chunks, but we had to try this cheese-encrusted fella.

You have the option to heat up the pretzel (which we chose) as well as a variety of sauces.  J picked some mustardy number that he found rather wretched; the pretzel itself was ok.  I appreciated the cracked black pepper but found the overall pretzel too oily/greasy for my taste. 

Lastly, one last hurrah before we left: noted as one of Grub Street's top 101 NYC sandwiches - the Connecticut roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound

The Connecticut roll is rather simple: just thick chunks of lobster griddled in butter and served in a butter-toasted roll with a smatter of scallions.  No mayo, no nothin, and it doesn't need anything else.  The lobster had beautiful flavor all by itself.  I preferred this version over their Maine (cold, mayo) because my heart still belongs to Luke's for that number.

And that my friends, is it!  I can't wait for Saturday when I get to sink my chompers into that corn again.  I am going to pack my floss right now!

176 Lafayette
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. that corn looks and sounds amazing. i really need to try it. along with that cheesy goodness of a pretzel!!!