Monday, August 23, 2010

4th Annual Pie in the Park - Prospect Park Brooklyn!

Last weekend, I attended now my second favorite food experience in New York ever: 4th annual Pie in the Park. A past first place winner had recently opened a pie shop called First Prize Pies and which I’ve had the delight to try two (awesome s’mores and the fantastic gingery pecan pie), so new pie discoveries were going to be abound at this new venture!

The event took place in Prospect Park on a Sunday afternoon. There were two long tables filled with over 70 pies ranging from meat pies to classic apple to the new trend: whoopee pies. Like. FILLED. WITH. PIES.

Like more pies than my eyes could even take in, and the arms were everywhere trying to grab forkfuls of the crusty baked treats.

I strategically sneaked my skinny arms in and managed to grab samples of about a dozen different pies (none of the eventual winners), but truthfully, I loved a bite of everything I had.

My initial plate filled with blueberry pie, chocolate mousse, apple pie, peach and white nectarine tart and a coconut cream and banana pie (plate 1/2)

Chocolate chip pie.  Super dense and decadent.

Cherry and bacon marmalade pie in a duck fat thyme crust. Every bite just felt so wrong!

But what's not to love? It’s pie. It's just unconditional love with every bite. I would totally recommend everyone to go next year. $10 donation got you all you can eat (if you could even access the tables!), and I recommend you arrive on time. Within 30 minutes everything was gone.

Ahh. Sadness. But ‘till next year !!

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  1. wowwwwwww so many pies! my eyes ate them all. amazing. and i CANNOT believe the duck fat one! people are so smart these days :)