Monday, August 30, 2010

Brooklyn Day: Java Indonesian Rijsttafel and Pies 'N Thighs

I took Thanan out for a Brooklyn day of exploration that of course began with the Brooklyn Flea where we shared a Porchetta sandwich, ate a whole mango and drank watermelon and horchata drinks. I also got a corn because I am obsessed and because I promised you so.

Then we headed to Park Slope to check out an Indonesian spot, Java Indonesian Rijsttafel, for a “snack.” We had the whole place to ourselves at 3pm because I guess not many people think of Indonesian food as snacks.


Java was a totally cute place, but could benefit from some sort of air cicrculation in the summer (okay, maybe you don’t want A/C but let’s splurge for a box fan!).  It had nice décor and fun tablecloths

and cute handkerchief style napkins.

 We nibbled on complimentary shrimp chips while they prepared the food.

Love. Shrimp. Chips!
The food:

Tempeh – tofu with scallions and lightly fried. Super weird consistency. Had just a bite but did not care for it.

Tempeh? More like temp-ew. (I have the palate / mind of a child)

Mao Zoreng noodles

The black peppery sauce was delicious!

Beef was also nice and tender. 

And also among the ordering:

Two Jakarta green lights. Both for Thanan. The drinks contained pineapple juice, orange juice, mango juice, coconut cream and healthy dose of pandan syrup.

The second one was even more green!

I ordered the Indonesian iced coffee which ended up tasting like Vietnamese iced coffee but with whipped cream and less strong coffee (Vietnamese iced coffee still FTW, and I am not biased! I’m not!)

The Indonesian iced coffee + Jakarta green light side by side

The food was interesting, a tiny bit Chinesey but hard to explain. Thanan says it’s very similar to Malaysian food which was described by Allison as “if Indian food and Chinese food had a baby,” so maybe that’s how you describe it. It’s a giant hike from Manhattan, and I hear the more authentic Indonesian places are found in Queens, so there’s more to explore in the area for this cuisine if Indonesian food is up your alley.

After, Thanan lamented about his Jakarta green light-filled stomach and said he could not eat anymore. I quickly reminded him that we were headed to Williamsburg and we still had to eat at Pies ‘n Thighs. So we walked around. A lot. And eventually his stomach stopped hurting, and eventually he agreed to eating one piece of fried chicken out of my chicken box.

Pies 'n Thighs
Fried chicken box with watermelon salad side:

The chicken had great flavor from the deep brine.  Skin was crispy and not greasy.

Adequate biscuits.  Buttery and dense: hence, good with honey (but seriously, when are they not good with honey?).  We did not have a honey jar at our table, but our waitress swiftly delivered one upon request.  Diana woulda gone to town with the honey! 

Watermelon salad was interesting but not as satisfying as I thought - the sweetness of the watermelon was undercut by the vinaigrette; next time I'm opting for the fried zucchini as my side!

And then as an added bonus, because apparently Thanan had not eaten enough yet, the waitress gave him an extra chicken wing on the house which he had no problem finishing despite his complaints of Jakarta-light-induced stomachaches earlier.

Anyway, great fried chicken. Well fried, not too greasy and chicken had a nice level of moistness.  Didn’t have enough stomach space to try any pie, but now that Williamsburg is my new hood, you know I will be back soon. Bet on it!

Java Indonesian Rijsttafel
455 7th Ave
(between 15th St & 16th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
166 S.4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


  1. hahahha i love it. so many things i want to try!! that green light is soooo tempting. and WHAT are you talking about... that tofu looks scrumptious ;)

  2. oh also, free shrimp chips = so amazing!