Friday, August 27, 2010

Prospect Heights: The Milk Bar!

The other day while apartment hunting, I passed by this adorable café, the Milk Bar,

that I planned to just grab an iced coffee but when looking at the fresh and natural menu,

The menu is framed on the clean white walls - cute!

just had to take a seat and try a couple things. I’m a sucker for places that have so mny things served on toast, and just the words “strawberry toast” immediately won me over.


That’s what I ordered.

Hello, strawberry toast, so good to meet you

Along with iced coffee (I do stay focused somewhat!)

A silver pitcher of unpasteurized cream: "the pieces of white solids floating in the liquid is normal," oh, how rustic!

Iced coffee with unpasteurized milk pieces floating about.  Not bad.


A potato omelette. Because I can’t make up my mind and am still coping with not having Greeshma here to help me eat stuff. (SADNESS)

Paper thin layers of potato stacked upon each other and baked.  "Omelette" is misleading because there is no egg.  The omelette features seasonal ingredients; today's was mozzarella and red peppers

The place was so charming, and a nice place to stop and grab a quick bite if you live locally. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here though, but when you do, you’ll bask in the hippie-natural love of the other patrons while feeling good about yourself in drinking some unpasteurized cream.  Plus.  There's a staff of Aussies.  Love that.

620 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
Milk Bar Brooklyn on Urbanspoon


  1. why do i find myself REALLY WANTING that coffee with the little white milk pieces floating around?! :)

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