Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tanuja Time: Saravanaas & Chikalicious

Okay.  This post is going to be sad because I have a terrible memory, but I want to share it anyway because the food was really good.  So bear with me:

Tanuja and I met for dinner at Saravanaas, a spot Greeshma and I had tried months ago, loved and I wanted to relive.  I hope Greeshma reads this post and corrects all my food guesses here. 

Channa batura: HUGE fried puffy bread served with channa masala which was so creamy and delicious.  The bread was the size of Diana and my heads combined (which is just mindboggling), an airy fried creation that is a giant pocket of air; Tanuja and I made some good damage on it but ultimately could not finish it.

Tanuja's chapathi (total guess here) - basically two toasted slider buns that I found so adorable

I ordered the kara dosa, a spicy thin rice crepe stuffed with spices, onions and potatoes.

It comes with lentil soup which is so delicious; I think I dip everything in it.

Inside of the kara dosa: hopefully you can make out the orange potato stuffing which is just so spicy for me, but I love every nose-dripping minute.  (Greeshma would call it mild though.)

Then we grabbed dessert at Chikalicious, an adorable spot near St. Marks area.  I agree, Chikalicious is not a place with the most amazing desserts ever, but the whole experience is just so charming that you end up loving everything all the same.  You receive three mini-courses of dessert with the option of a wine pairing:

Amuse bouche with gelee, creme and blueberries

Great start - I just love gelee cubes

Tanuja opted for the chocolate tart which is available year-round.  Most of the menu changes seasonally.  The chocolate tart is a melted mess once you break into it, but Tanuja had no problem cleaning her plate up!  The tart is accompanied by pink peppercorn ice cream which sounds weird but tastes spicy and amazing.

I ordered a corn-based pound cake accompanied by ice cream swimming in a light cherry sauce.

The cherry sauce was lightly sweetened and refreshing

Tanuja with her chocolate tart and moscato d'asti pairing (so good!!)

After our 'main course,' they serve us a plate of petit fours

Including some wild basil chocolate truffle which was "interesting" for a basil lover as myself
The best thing about Chikalicious is that you leave with your sweet tooth satisfied but you do not feel like guilty because everything is small and tastes great; that ultimately is the best feeling: satiation without the indulgence.  Then we walked home and felt awesome because I'm sure we totally burned off those super tiny calories.

'Till next time!

81 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
 Saravanaa Bhavan (Vegetarian) on Urbanspoon

204 E 10th st
New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-9511
ChikaLicious Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon


  1. When I come to NY you have got to take me to all these yummie places!!!! I'll make sure I'm extra starving for the trip!

  2. omgggggg all that delish bread! the batura! the slider buns! they look so amazing. and the super cute desserts. I can't stand it! :)