Monday, August 18, 2014

Tacos el Bronco in Sunset Park

If you ever make it down to Sunset Park in Brooklyn, by all means, eat tacos.  There's a plethora of spots to pick from, but a local favorite is Tacos el Bronco.  The food truck sits outside of what looks like their storefront, but no one sits in that store.  

Instead, plastic chairs line the sidewalks, people gawk at the TV screen playing through the glass, and joyfully eat their tacos with their families.

Tacos are $1.50 a pop for most of the proteins (tender beef, chorizo, roasted pork and more) and come with fat stalks of scallion, juicy lime wedges and griddled cucumber and radish slices.

Burritos are giant and satisfying, full of meat and happiness.

It's nice to sit in the open air, sharing one thing in common, a love for simple, good food.

And it is good.

Especially with the delectable, spicy house green sauce doused over everything.  

I particularly enjoyed the suadero and the chorizo tacos, but honestly, I could probably eat all of them over and over. The horchata is also not to be missed.  They pour you a generous cup made from one of those take-out soup containers - it's a little too sweet but also just a little too good.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Seriously the tac'o the Sunset Park town.  Four tasty tacos, a fat burrito and a refreshing horchata cost only $17 - amazing.

Tacos el Bronco
4324 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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  1. look at all those great veggies!! and that chorizo looks delectable...