Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lee-Lee's Rugelach "from a Brother"

Exactly one block from my apartment has been the best hidden treasure I've ever found: Lee Lee's Baked Goods.

What is rugelach?  I have no idea.

I just know it's exactly $1, and it looks like this.

Inside the flaky, cinnamon-sugar dusted pastry is a buttery, delicate interior studded with giant raisins, nuts and a creamy apricot filling.  It's absolutely brilliant, disappears within seconds and has you wanting more.

On the day we went, there was only apricot, and the lady speculated that Mr. Lee might make chocolate the following day.  If the apricot was this good, I just wonder how good the chocolate would be.  Ugh.  They just know how to keep us coming back, one amazing, buttery bite at a time.

283 W 118th St
New York, NY

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