Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicago! Breakfast! The Bongo Room! Minghin Cuisine!

As we count down Diana's final single weeks, I don't know what I am more excited about - celebrating her matrimony or getting to relive all the great eats we had in Chicago from our May visit!  (It's a pretty close call!)

Some of my favorite meals in the Windy City was definitely breakfast, and I know I'm heavily biased - I mean look at the number of reviews we have tagged for Breakfast & Brunch alone.

The Bongo Room is simply a must-eat destination for any visitor (come on a weekday to avoid all the wait!).

Though the savories may entice you, the sweets are the true attraction with a handful of decadent pancake options like the white chocolate and caramel pretzel pancake.

Sinfully rich and decadent and aching to the tooth but despicably delicious.

A nice complement to that pancake is the Meyer lemon and blackberry pancake which was my favorite - the Meyer lemon cream so light and dreamy, atop a graham cracker dusted pancake.  Perfection.

Ooooze that cream into my mouthhhhh.  (Sounds so dirty, but I don't even care if it means I get more Meyer lemon cream !!)

The best tip from Diana is to order singles of the pancakes - that way, you can try more pancakes AND you get pancakes fully covered in the luscious sauces, which we all know is the very best part anyway.

To balance the sweet, we ordered one savory dish to share - the croissant sandwich with bacon, egg and dill smothered home fries.

The croissant was buttery flaky bliss, and eggs perfectly cooked to over medium.  The potatoes were too silly with dilly, so would be recommended for any pickle fans.

And if somehow you find these pancakes too boring and wish for more ethnic breakfasts that will equally delight and amaze you, mosey your way to MingHin in Chinatown.  Order basically everything.

We tried the beef brisket with rice rolls - a little claypot filled with rice roll dumplings in a thin, soy-based sauce with chewy bits of beef on bone.

The ultimate deliciousness: shrimp dumplings with green chive (soon to be Greeshma's favorite).

So. Much. Chive!

BBQ steamed buns - airy bundles that melt on the tongue.

Turnip cake.

The best rice rolls I've had yet in the States - thick, chewy noodles filled with tasty roast pork.

Just look at that gleam !

You can also get them filled with fried crullers which is a great little combo of chew and crunch.

Siu mai - chock full of pork and shrimp.

Baked BBQ pork turnovers.

MingHin's signature shrimp dumplings - why are these always so easy to eat a dozen?

Short ribs with honey sauce.

Shrimp dumplings with pea tips.  Just so beautifully made (and tasty to boot!).

And as much as I hate to say it, the savories were far better than the sweets at Minghin, though they look amazing:

Sesame balls.

Baked creamy egg yolk bun.

Tri-colored egg tarts.

And you know what else I love about MingHin besides the impeccable rice crepes?  They take reservations on the weekend.  Can a place get anymore amazing?

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Chicago, I wish your winters were warmer because Bongo Room + MingHin are reason enough to move to your fair city.

The Bongo Room
(multiple locations)
1152 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL
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2168 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL
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  1. that dim sum was impeccable!! i can't WAIT to stuff my face with those adorbs pea shoot dumplings again!