Thursday, August 21, 2014

Philly ! Beck's Cajun Cafe

If you ever find yourself in Reading Terminal on a Sunday, and your excitement for the day is immediately quashed when you discover that half of the terminal is closed (because the Amish must rest!), do not fret.

Wipe away those tears and head straight to Beck's Cajun Cafe.

If you are there in the morning, please, please, please order the breakfast sandwich.  I beg you.  Eat andouille sausage for breakfast and love it!

If you are there after breakfast, order yourself a shrimp po boy.

Thrive in the beauty of fried splendor piled high in toasted baguette doused with spicy mayo and hints of lettuce.

Or order a platter of fried oysters.  Sure, they are a bit heavier on the batter, and sure, they do not quite resemble oysters, but they still taste like them, they're crunchy and great.  The homefries are addictively dusted with cajun seasoning, and the buttered cornbread is basically cake.  Freakishly delicious.

And then plot your way back to the market on a non-Sunday to really do your life right by eating a dozen apple dumplings and sticky buns.

Beck's Cajun Cafe
Reading Terminal
12th & Arch
Philadelphia, PA
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