Saturday, September 14, 2013

Veggie Galaxy

i'm not a vegetarian, but many people i love in life are, so once in a while, i get to (have to?) explore all-veggie restaurants. a few months ago, i went with payal and rachana (and our little brothers) to veggie galaxy in central square.

opened by the same folks as the more famous veggie planet in harvard square, veggie galaxy can be best described as a vegetarian diner (with vegan baked goods). i didn't try any of the baked goods, but all in the all the food was pretty tasty! and the menu is adorable.

i got the breakfast sandwich, which was amazing.

it's scrambled eggs, vermont sharp cheddar, baby arugula, and roasted garlic mayo on toasted sourdough. i know it's hard to mess up an egg and cheese sandwich, but this one was done RIGHT. i loved the uber-browning of the bread - made the sandwich extra flavorful with just enough crunch. the egg+cheese+mayo made a wonderful gooey combination.

payal got the mac n cheese, which was underwhelming.

it was a little too soupy for my taste, and definitely over-rosemaried.

the boys got burgers, and i will admit, i had no interest in trying them!

the boys approved nonetheless.

rachana got the beer battered house smoked tofu.

i did not love the tofu (too smoky for my taste), but the red cabbage slaw was PERFECTION. i don't usually like any sort of slaw, but this one was sooo good - slightly sweet, with a good crunch, in not too much mayo, and tasted almost asian. i thought i tasted hints of sesame oil - ymmmm. next time, i will definitely be ordering an extra side of this slaw.

but the fries? they would be much better without the rosemary.
so yes - herein lies veggie galaxy's problem, and it's really just my problem. i don't love rosemary enough to have it be in everything that i eat. at veggie galaxy, it feels like every dish is over-rosemaried. so much on my potatoes, so much on all the fries, and so much in payal's mac n cheese. just... too much rosemary in everything.

that said, if you DO love rosemary, head on over to veggie galaxy - the food is delicious enough for it to be visited by more than just vegetarians!

450 massachusetts avenue
cambridge, ma 02139
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  1. at least the eggs didnt disappoint!

  2. I'll admit, I'm a rosemary fanatic. Most herbs in fact. So many vegetarian and vegan places severely under-spice and under-season their foods, as if they are terrified of flavor temptations. In some ways, Veggie Galaxy is a welcome break from all that timidity. I can't wait to try that tofu dish, based on your photo and description. Full disclosure: I'm a hardcore carnivore but enjoy well made vegan and veggie cuisine regardless.

  3. Thanks for visiting Veggie Galaxy Diana, and for writing up this nice review. We hope you'll come again and definitely check out our desserts next time! Happy eating and writing!