Thursday, September 5, 2013

Montreal ! Steaks at Moishes

For the Labor Day weekend, I had four glorious days of freedom, so the boy and I decided to check out our neighbors up north - Montreal !  The drive is so beautiful from New York, and though we got lost for about an hour, we made it in time for our 9:45p dinner reservation at Moishes, a Jewish steakhouse institution.

The average age of patrons was probably 60.  Everything is very classic and lovely with dark woods and white linens.

At Moishes, you get a few complimentary treats to nibble on.  A plateful of sour, juicy pickles.

A thing that looks like coleslaw but is so much better - tangy, sweet cabbage slaw.

And a plate of sliced butter in ice.  Somehow the butter doesn't get watery, it stays cool, and slathers on beautifully on your choice of rye bread and baguette.

From Thursday-Sat, after 9, Moishes offers a 2 course meal for $25 that also comes with tea / coffee.  It's an unbeatable deal, since the steaks range $40-$50.

Choice of appetizers are limted and included chopped liver (shown below).  I would have to tell you that it's chopped liver, because your immediate thought is probably that it was dog food, and I'd have to say that that is exactly what it tasted like.  I never want to eat chopped liver again.

You're way better off ordering the choice of salads on the menu or the salmon tartare that was absolutely bright and delicious with the squeeze of lemon.

The boy and I both ordered rib steaks, the closest thing to the ribeye.  It's a touch thinner than a ribeye, but just as juicy.  The steaks have been seasoned well with salt and fully flavorful.

In contrast to a lot of New York steakhouses, these steaks come with a choice of side: a plain baked potato (that the waiter described to us with much reluctance because you should never order it unless you're deadly boring) or the Monte Carlo potato, which is a twice baked potato dusted with paprika.

This potato was ever so creamy, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful.

For a bit of greens, we ordered a side of sauteed spinach.  It was heavy on the butter, and not very good.  Skip!  Eat a salad tomorrow !

Not shown is the Moishes mojito that I got knockered on.  It was sweet, chock full of mint (how I prefer to get my greens!), and tasty.  

A great start to our trip!  Recommend making reservations on Opentable - this place was packed 'till midnight.

3961 St Laurent Blvd  Montreal, QC H2W 1Y4, Canada
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