Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sticky Wings and Tasty Popcorn at Distilled

Distilled is such a trendy restaurant, buzzing with cool-looking folks, eating cool-looking food, drinking cool-looking drinks.  Somehow the boy and I found ourselves here recently, and we took some pointers on what to order based on Donuts's post.

What Katie did not tell us about was that the complimentary popcorn that is worth coming for alone.  Cause it's complimentary.  And it's popcorn that is airy and light, dusted with brewer's yeast, cumin and garlic, it was slightly sweet, soft on the palate, and delectable.

The cold broccoli salad with duck bacon was good, but I just don't understand why it has to be cold.  It'd be pretty amazing slightly warm? Loved the little honey roasted nuts though.

Platters of the gorgeous wings landed on every table.  The ultra-sticky gochujang glaze was sweet and pungent, the batter absolutely thick and crusty, and the chicken moist inside.  The half order came to about 8 drumettes and wings to a plate, however, the batter just felt too thick after awhile.  I know.  My jaw needs to work out more !

The boy had initially picked the restaurant thinking I would enjoy the country fried duck and waffle.  Oh, how he knows the way to my heart oh so well.

The waffle is more like a sponge, completely drowned in honey butter, with a crisp patty of duck confit on top.  The dish is best enjoyed all together, with the chili maple syrup poured all over, with each bite melding sweet and savory.

The ribs are incredibly tender, but too rich and salty to be enjoyed with just the watermelon.  On a bed of rice, the ribs might have fared a better chance, but it was too much for us this night, and we couldn't finish more than one.

For dessert, our helpful, hipster waiter told us there were just two worth mentioning, the s'mores, some deconstructed marvel, and the bread pudding, a newish offering spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, topped with vanilla bean ice cream, and served with bourbon cherries (way boozy) and a blackberry compote.

While every part of me would usually go for the s'mores, we went for the bread pudding.

And it was really quite delicious - slightly eggy, warming, and so tasty with a drizzle of the blackberry compote.

Altogether, the meal was fairly satisfying, and I'd know how to better order next time, but for now, all I really need is that popcorn.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: They say the best things in life are free, and it is true. That popcorn is addictive stuff.

211 West Broadway
New York, NY

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  1. i am DIGGING that waffle sponge!!

  2. Well, obviously I'm not happy that you didn't LOVE the things I recommended (too rich and salty?! what?!), but I love that your favourite thing was the free thing. So you can go back, fill up on that, and spend your money and the excellent drinks.

    1. I know - it might be just that it was too much food for just two people to eat ! My friends went recently and loved the burger, so we might have to go back and try that next !