Saturday, September 7, 2013

Montreal ! Mosaiculture, Poutineville and Kazu

One of the most amazing things we saw in Montreal was at the Botanical Gardens called Mosaicultures that comprises more than 3 million flowers into 50 beautiful sculptures.  If you're able to go, it's a definite recommend - the structures are huge and stunningly crafted.  The gardens weren't too crowded, especially as you travel further out, making the grounds perfect for picnics (we all know where to get some grub for that now) and romantic rendezvous.

Here are some of my favorites!

Our favorite, Mother Earth - about 15 meters tall and expansive.

After our jaunt there, we snacked on poutine (of course) at Poutineville - ordering their classic Poutineville version with braised beef, red wine sauce, mozzarella, cheese curds and smashed, fried potatoes.

It had all the elements you'd want in the perfect drunk food - fried potatoes, gooey cheese and meat.

After, we headed down to Kazu, a Japanese spot that's all the rage in Montreal, with a no reservation policy, and strong, steady queue of people patiently waiting their turn to eat things like:

48-hour braised pork, which tastes like soft bulgogi on top of fluffy rice which has fully soaked in the pork stew sauce.  More perfect drunk food.

The shrimp burger, one of the most popular menu items.  The bread is so soft, sweet and fluffy, I could just eat it plain.

But it pairs wonderfully with the shrimp burger that is just a condensed patty of succulent shrimp.

And the salmon chirashi, our favorite plate of the night (there's usually also tuna, but they were out that night).  Underneath that mighty mound of leaves is a steamy pile of lovely sushi rice;  coupled with the cold slivers of salmon sashimi, dredged in a savory, tangy sauce dusted with sesame seeds, our mouths were in heaven eating the awesome plate.

After, it's a must to try their housemade ice cream.  It's probably the most expensive ice cream I've ever had, the size of thimbles for $5, but the sparkling maple is a winner, served with a spoonful of maple-flavored pop rocks.

Our mouths were cacophonous with candy.  It was nothing short of awesome.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Nothing wrong with a day of natural beauty and lots of drunken food - Poutineville was great ! Kazu was better ! Maple pop rock ice cream is absolutely exquisite !

Montreal Botanical Gardens
4101 Sherbrooke Est Montreal, QC H1X 2B2, Canada

1348 Rue Beaubien Est  Montreal, QC H2G 3A7, Canada

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W  Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, Canada

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  1. the waterfall coming out of mother earth is incredible!!