Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Fine Time at Swine

Hi !  I'm back !  I'm working on a really long post, but wanted to write this short one up in the meantime.

Had a date here at Swine.  The boy is aft my own heart when he picks spots named after my favorite eating animal.  Lots of bacon references on the menu, as one would expect, including a bacon-infused vodka cocktail that tastes like alcohol with a smoky, meaty aftertaste.

A new thing I learned about myself here is that I like to put together charcuterie boards!  You can pick anything from a list, and Swine has lots of good options - we went with pork terrine, duck proscuitto and fresh ricotta that came with watermelon jam. Then you slather everything onto thin crostini.

I think we liked the charcuterie board best out of the meal.  It may be because I need more pureed and cured meats in my life.  Heck, I know I do.  Where's my pate lipstick?!

For entrees, we ordered the braised rabbit leg, shredded atop a bed of creamy polenta and the cutest, tiniest brussel sprouts known to man.  And why do I immediately want things more when things come smaller than they are meant to be?!

I ordered the Hudson Valley duck breast, with brussel sprout leaves and chunks of butternut.  While I enjoyed the fatty skin, and the sweet and tangy cranberry demi-glace was a tasty ol' thing too, the dish was otherwise standard.

The vibe of this place reminds me of a Texan BBQ joint but mixed up with the dimlit ambience of NYC.  It's fun/ky at best, but works well for a nicish, casual dinner.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: There's nothing particularly remarkably noteworthy here, but I don't think I'd get board by their charcuterie!

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