Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Tasty Bites: Dumont Burger and Donuts, Num Pang and Ample Hills

Dude.  I've been eating a lot since I've been back.  

The first thing we ate was a burger at Dumont.  Cheese. Plenty o' fixins'.  Fries.  So American.

The burger is thick and juicy, perfectly seasoned, and paired with a beautiful, buttery brioche bun.

Not pictured: the macaroni and cheese, which was gushy and gooey and great, and the spiked Nutella shake with bits of toasted hazelnuts, which was tasty, but quite overpriced.

What is not overpriced are the adorable little donuts, fried to order, and come in a variety of flavors like cinnamon and ginger.  We got the dulce de leche which comes with a small cup of dulce de leche spread.  Grab a knife. Slather that luscious substance with each bite.  Swoon.  Repeat.

At work, I've been exploring a lot of Midtown options.  Midtown is one of my least favorite eating neighborhoods.  Thank goodness for Num Pang.

Why has it taken me so long to eat at Num Pang??

Cambodian sandwiches with beautifully toasted bread, lightly pickled vegetables including slices of Asian pear, and a variety of fillings like roasted cauliflower, catfish or brisket.

I can't seem to stop ordering the five spice pork belly though. 

It's just so hard to describe how delicious this is - the flavorful and succulent, fatty meat, the kick from the spicy mayo and jalapenos, and the crisp crunch of pickled veggies.

And that soft, freshly baked bread !  I think I might just be going to work just to eat this at lunch lately.  True story.  

After a charming stroll with the boy through Prospect Park, we found ourselves in Prospect Heights, and there is just one thing you should do when you find yourself in this neighborhood:

2) Order a gooey cake sundae.

There's so many fun flavors.  When we visited there was Bees of the Southern Wild, an Elvis tribute and more.  We stuck with their most popular flavor though - the salted crack caramel.

The salted crack caramel is crazy good.  Super rich, almost too sweet, and life becomes too stupidly good when you get bites of those crack cookies scattered throughout the scoop.  Ample Hills = heaven on Earth?  I do believe so.  (The gooey cake would make St. Louis proud, Diana!)

Han's Nonsensical Rating:  Num Pang probably ranks in the top ten sandwiches of my life.  Okay, maybe just New York.  No, my life.  God, it's so good.  That Ample Hills sundae is phenomenal too.  How is life so great ?!

314 Bedford
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Num Pang
(multiple locations)
140 E 41st St
New York, NY

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Ample Hills
623 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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  1. holy crap. i would like to jump into that pork belly and those sprinkles!!

  2. The pork belly is what I order, too! The place is just down the street from my boyfriend's place, so we get it aaaaaall of the time, and nothing compares to the pork for me. And the corn! Get the corn.