Saturday, March 9, 2013

indonesian fried rice @ rod dee thai

oh, HAI THERE... i cannot believe that this is my first update in the new year. i'm HORRIBLE. how is it already march?! sigh, the good news is our billable year ended recently, so hopefully there will be more eating and blogging in my future!

my cousin scott was in town last weekend, and we went with a group of lovely ladies to try the best indonesian fried rice in town at rod dee thai. we were not disappointed! rod dee seems more of a takeout place, with its tables lacking in number and that super unflattering fluorescent lighting, but we were able to snag one of the few tables and had ourselves a feast. don't let the setup fool you - this ain't your run-of-the-mill fast food thai!

between the 5 of us, we got three orders of the famed indonesian fried rice, a green curry, an order of rod dee noodles, and a salad to share (clearly the salad was not my idea). here's the indonesian fried rice in all its glory:

yes, it comes with perfectly fried chicken and a fried egg. the chicken was equal parts crispy, juicy, and tender. the rice itself had a great balance of sweet, sour, and spicy. and a fried egg just makes everything better.

surprisingly, as good as the fried rice was, i found myself liking the other dishes even more! the green curry was phenomenal... quite possibly the best green curry i've had.

creamy, slightly sweet and spicy, deeply flavorful... i find myself wanting to eat this right now.

and the rod dee noodles!

the sauce is pad-see-ew-like - sweet, soy-sauce based, and eggy. just the way i like it! the noodles had a great bouncy texture, and the combination of the different meats/veggies really hit the spot.

i guess i should show you the salad:

scott is such a health nut... he won't go anywhere without ordering some sort of salad (which means i should probably learn from him).

aerial shot of our fabulous oh-so-classy meal:

my one over-arching complaint about rod dee is that the white meat chicken is rather dry - and that's across all the different dishes we ate. it wasn't a huge deal, because i just focused on the fried goodness, but it's definitely something to note for future trips.

we ordered at the counter, and the food literally came out not three minutes afterward... so fast, fresh, and delicious! just remember to bring cash - but don't worry, prices are incredibly reasonable... you won't need that many presidents to cover your bill!

1671 beacon st
brookline, ma 02446
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  1. YAY welcome to the new year !
    the fried chicken speaks to my own heart o' course !

  2. Um, that rice sounds amazing. I thought egg on rice was a revelation, but this is a whole different level. I'm going to look up Indonesian rice in NYC now, and if I don't find this exact thing, I'm coming to MA tomorrow.