Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Providence ! Afternoon Tea at The Duck and Bunny

This week is a bit busy for me, but in case you're tired of looking at rice casseroles, I wanted to share with you a little more charm from Diana and my weekend in Providence last year.  Charm, if you weren't aware, is what Providence serves in spades!

After a lovely stroll in a cemetery, which surprisingly had the best display of fall foliage,

Diana and I found ourselves in the back patio of The Duck & Bunny, basking in the fresh fall air with many, many other ladies.  Ladies love themselves ducks and bunnies.  And lots of cupcakes.

Afternoon tea ($18) includes a pedestaled assortment of finger sandwiches, cupcakes, scones, cookies, jams and Devonshire cream in addition to choice of tea.  Theoretically, there is enough food for maybe two dainty women to share, but since Diana and I will never feign to be dainty, we ordered two.

The array of finger sandwiches included cucumber with herb spread, tuna with apple, turkey with dried cranberry, smoked salmon with dill, and sundried tomato cream.

Each was fresh, flavorful and made you feel ever so much like a lady eating such delicate sandwiches.

The cupcakes were surprisingly moist for their size, with a perfect ratio of icing to cake.  Our flavors included mocha espresso and red velvet.  Delightful!

Scones were served warm (as they always should!) and paired well with the cream and jam (chocolate-raspberry and strawberry), but were also wonderful on their own.  Buttery, golden crisp shell, bliss.

Sometimes being a lady is great, especially when it involves being able to laze around on a beautiful day, nibbling on tiny, tasty treats and sipping tea with your best galpal.  Heck, being a lady is always great, right?

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Simply tea-riffic!

312 Wickenden St  Providence, RI 02903


  1. i'm still so surprised at how fresh and moist those cupcakes were!! what a perfection of a weekend. :)

  2. I was JUST Googling NYC high tea the other day. I'm not even remotely a lady, but I AM a glutton for lots of little tastes. Please move this to Brooklyn.