Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Burger at Diner

Having only visited Diner during brunch (which is delicious - the bacon reason enough to visit alone), it was time to pay this cozy spot a nighttime visit to try their famed burger.

The full dinner menu was scrawled on the paper tablecloth by our waitress.  Last night's appetizer options included scallops, fettuccine with raw egg yolk, and a spinach salad, which Mr. FaP selected.  While the greens tasted most fresh, tossed in a light, bright dressing, ours also came with a tiny bug that crawled around on the plate until it died a most citrusy death.  A pretty cool, tasty way to go.


Burgers come dressed with lettuce, tomato and pickled onions with option of white Vermont cheddar cheese.  (Never mind how mine comes like how a 5 year old would eat it - just meat, cheese and bun.)

The burger was cooked to a perfect medium, juicy and flavorful, crusted with a healthy coat of salt.  The bun was soft, but substantial enough to soak in the patty's juices in full.  Indeed, the burger is worthy of its acclaim, though I still prefer the Brindle Room's burger, with its more even-handed seasoning.


The fries were golden and crisp, but also fairly salty, so coupled with the burger, I drank many a glass of water during the meal.

I balanced out the salt with their most decadent slice of flourless chocolate cake.  Rich and creamy to no end, this slice was an incredible indulgence.

Mr. FaP ate the apple turnover, plated on a pool of creme anglaise, and it was filled with plenty of tender slices of cinnamon-laced apples. 

By the time we left, the restaurant was more than bustling with happy eaters.  Everyone looks just so cool here in the dining car restaurant, and you can too !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: The burger is delicious, but you might be as-salted, depending how happy your cook is with seasoning.  Skip the desserts - they're just fine, but you deserve better than that !

85 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
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  1. great, now you've got me thinking about that grapefruit + bacon!!