Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Texas State Fair 2012 ! A Fun-Fried Assortment from America's Finest Fair!

Okay, I will get back to New York food soon, but I just have got to get this post up, because an annual homage is due to the best state fair in all the nation -

I will bribe you to read further with this adorable photo of my nephew eating free nachos courtesy of Texas Dairy Association in the Food & Fiber Pavilion.  (Note how he is rockin' his New York pride !)

I brought my four nieces and nephew to the State Fair where they were super troopers in eating just about everything including:

Fried s'mores !

My oldest niece happily holding the fried s'mores !  These were melty marshmallow goodness, sickeningly sweet, but fun.

Fried cookie dough, which is year after year every kid's favorite. Gooey, decadent, hot and delicious.

Fried jambalaya, this year's fried food winner.  The serving size was exceptionally disappointing, as you can see below, but the flavor was on point - a thin, crisp shell with moist rice and chunks of sausage and indiscernible meat on the inside.  

Fried lemonade, which always remains my favorite, filled with fluffy, airy doughnuts glazed with tart lemon goodness.  My nephew said this looked too disgusting for him to eat though.  Don't be fooled by his cuteness.  That kid is a bonafide punk.

So we got fried Oreos to appease his disgust for the fried lemonade.

Later, we balanced the sweet with a serving of fried mac 'n cheese sliders, which is probably the best bang for the buck at the fair.  Two tall sliders featuring a beef patty topped by a puck of fried mac and cheese and a side of fries for $7. 

We were lucky enough to get these freshly made, and the fried mac 'n cheese was perfect.  The cheese was just oozin' for a bruisin' in my mouth ! (Does that make sense?)

Then I let my niece eat all of this fried bacon cinnamon roll by herself for dinner (I am going to make such a good parent !).  This dish won most creative this year.  Although creative, my niece and all her 11 years of eating wisdom said this was not as good as she had hoped, but it was fine.  She later polished off my nephew's corn dog for him.  She is going to take over this food blog one day, I know it !

And that is the food from the State Fair of Texas 2012 !  (See Diana and my post from last year for other fine treats like fried frito pie !)

'Till next year !  Yeehaw !!


  1. Dude. I mean, I've heard stories of the Texas fair, but GEEZ. I want it all. And suddenly my hometown pumpkin festival this week seems sort of lame by comparison.

  2. i miss this SO MUCH. RIP, big tex!!!