Monday, March 26, 2012

Lomzynianka - Polish Cuisine in Good Ol' Greenpoint

Lomzynianka was one of the first restaurants I blogged about two years ago when our blog was originally launched.  Before diving into this post, I decided to re-read the one I wrote in 2010, and I cringed the entire time.  My youth and earnestness was in full effect back then, and now I am but just another jaded old woman.  Oh how time changes things.

Like this salad.

In my original post, the complimentary salad was made with iceberg lettuce and coleslaw.  Two years later, it is an assortment of shredded things - cabbagery in three pickled forms and super-grated carrot mush.  Some tables also were lucky enough to get a loaf of free bread.  (We were not so lucky.)

We ordered the Hungarian pancake to share, which was a beautiful, thick potato pancake wrapped around a mound of meaty goulash.

Never before have my eyes espied such a beautiful concoction.

I shamelessly nibbled at the crispy edges of this golden beaut - crunchy and addictive.  The potato pancake itself, accented with the shredded, stewed beef, was a great combination.

We also ordered two Polish platters to share, the same dish I had eaten years ago and found just as satisfying in the present.

The plate was filled with stuffed cabbage, brilliantly grilled kielbasa, bigos, pierogis and simple mashed potatoes.  Everything tasted homey and satisfying.  I was surprised to find the farmers cheese pierogi not at all sweet in this current dish, and I found myself missing the original, but maybe fond memories will always taste sweeter.  (Is this how forlorn love songs are written?)

For dessert, we shared a plate of chef special blintzes that came as long, golden rods dusted in fine powdered sugar.

For a brief moment, we fought over the whipped cream on the plate and were immediately disgusted to find it was sour cream / creme fraiche.  It was fine, but one must have the right expectations for that.  (Whipped cream would've been more delightful though.)

The blintzes were good, resembling crispy crepes layered with strawberry and blueberry jam and cream cheese. The blueberry jam was the clear winner.

It has taken me two years to come back here, because while the food is most comforting and enjoyable, the meal always swells my stomach up like a water balloon -- such an incredibly filling cuisine.  I can find myself coming back though just for just a slab of that crackly good kielbasa.  Amazing!

646 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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  1. that purple is so beautiful! can't stop looking at it :)