Friday, March 23, 2012

Dining In with Raffetto's Lasagna

Lasagna is something I wish I ate more often. It has everything I love in one: noodles, tangy tomato sauce, meat, and melted cheese, every bite containing both instant comfort and instant love.  (Aww.)

Raffetto's is an Italian shop in Greenwich Village specializing in a variety of fresh-made ravioli, tortellini and pasta.  They sell both bags of fresh pasta in bulk as well as prepared food containers.  In my first visit, I tried miniature versions of their pumpkin ravioli, paired with their sage butter, and found it good, but it was the lasagna that definitely stole the show and my heart. 

While it doesn't look like much at face value, in its cold, flimsy plastic container, heated up in the oven at 350 degrees (for half an hour, covered in foil), or even lazily microwaved for mere minutes, the lasagna is transformed into a thing of beauty.

Although slightly oily from the mozzarella and browned bits of sausage, the lasagna is a perfect balance of flavors and textures: soft but firm noodles, spiced sausage and savory pancetta, and the tangy cheese perfectly gooey and lovely. 

When I behave myself, I can make four portions out of this one $7 container of lasagna, but its solidly two servings for the most ambitious eater. Raffetto's is a great bargain shop to help cure anyone's love for lasagna and fresh pasta, and it offers all the benefits of homemade goodness without any of the mess!

Your Garfield,

144 W Houston
New York, NY

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  1. layers of awesome! i haven't had lasagna in soooo long...