Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brunch at Le Barricou

The Williamsburg scene seems to offer an endless supply of charming restaurants, and Le Barricou, from the same owners as Maison Premiere, is no different.  

While waiting for Thanan, I chatted with a fellow Hitchhiker of the Galaxy fan at the bar.  He talked to me about the Hitchhiker BBC series, the movie, and even the RPG computer game while I enviously eyed his gooey eggs benedict. Then Thanan tapped me on the shoulder and informed me he was ready to eat.

We were given a complimentary basket with a croissant and pain au chocolat.  Though the items tasted more like cold, chewy rolls than typical flaky, buttery croissants, I still them ate them cheerfully as free pain au chocolat does not come by very often.

I really only invited Thanan to brunch so that he could help me eat these pancakes I had espied online, since he generally will let me order anything and then proceed to help me eat everything.


There is no eloquent way to put this:
The pancakes were freakishly large and fluffy.

And beautiful.

The texture is a bit different than the usual flapjacks one would find at a regular diner, or even the perfection found at Clinton St. Baking Co.  The soft, pillowy interior is encased in a slightly crispy, almost fried shell reminiscent of Dough's doughnuts.  I am not even sure how they cook this through, or how the pancakes are so remarkably fat and thick, but the strawberry butter sinks into each bite perfectly.

As much as I enjoyed this, a few bites were all I really needed, though I could probably do more damage if I had only ordered these pancakes (and a plate of bacon, which is essential for a true, complete breakfast).

However, we had more to eat!

Thanan ordered the fanciest item available that day - the special lobster omelet served with home fries and stripes of funky greenbeans.

He seemed to like it okay, but he did not finish it.

I ordered the flat apple, bacon and gruyere cheese omelet.

I appreciate when food is described exactly how it is served.  This omelet was super flat.  It also was very appley.  And bacony.  And cheesy.  I liked it, but I did not love it, as the apples were too distinct, too sweet, and I just found myself distracted, confused, and annoyed with each unbalanced bite of sweet and savoriness.  I can be quite the difficult eater sometimes.

After, Thanan and I burned some time downing some of The Chocolate Room's dark, spicy hot chocolate.  

I ordered mine with a homemade marshmallow that slowly melted into the deep cocoa abyss.

I don't find myself wanting a second visit to Le Barricou, unless to answer a critical pancake craving, but I remain strangely addicted to breathing in The Chocolate Room's sweet air.

Le Barricou
533 Grand
Brooklyn, NY
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The Chocolate Room
269 Court St
Brooklyn, NY
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