Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fried Chicken Plate at Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter

Recently, Eater NY released a list of 12 new fried chicken hotspots in NYC.  Lists. Superlatives. Fried chicken. I am there.

The first place mentioned on the list is Bobwhite Lunch &Supper Counter, located deep in Alphabet City on 7th and C. The bright, simply adorned spot still seems fresh and new, open only since the beginning of the year.

In addition to being noted as one of the best new fried chicken spots in New York City, the cashier informed us that Bobwhite has also been recognized as one of the city's best hangover cures.  Good to know.

The fried chicken plate comes three pieces (breast, thigh and leg) to a plate with a simple side salad.  I later overheard the cashier offering a customer to substitute the salad for a side for only $1 more.  More things good to know.

As my knife sliced easily into the moist thigh, I found the exterior a bit softer than I normally like, but my first pivotal bite reversed any initial fears of chicken mediocrity. The bird was quite nicely flavored, tender, and the breading a touch sweet but deliciously savory.  

The chicken was lukewarm at best, indicating each plate was not fried to order, but despite, this chicken was rather terrific. If you are lucky enough to eat this sweet-tea brined bird straight from the pressure cooker, it could very well be dynamite.

I also sampled some of the macaroni and cheese, one of their handful of sides (other choices include tomato pudding and cheddar grits). It appeared mainly as fat clumps of macaroni spotted with bits of cheddar; the flavor was only fine.  Acceptable but not desirable.

I love how watermelon radishes look, but I must admit, I did not even eat this.  I think when I finally turn 30, I will begin to eat salad.  Yes, that will be my rite of passage into adulthood.

The chicken plate is also supposed to come with a biscuit, but upon arrival, the cashier informed us that the biscuits were currently baking.  

Thirty minutes later, we were handed our biscuits, which was fine timing, as they served well as dessert with a healthy pour of honey. The biscuit was delightfully buttery with soft, tender crumb.

Oh Alphabet City, you are lucky to have The Cardinal and now Bobwhite, such a refreshingly tasty spot on the city's Southern scene.

Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter
94 Avenue C
New York, NY
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