Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kaju Tofu House and Kung Fu Tea

Wow, with a blink of an eye, too much time has gone by since our last update! Han and I have both been working like crazy-people, and we've been busy planning a wedding. That's right, I'm getting hitched in a few short months, and Han is going to be my beautiful maid of honor! In fact, we'll soon embark on a food-trippin'-donut-tastin'-wedding-research weekend, and I'm sure we'll share details from that as well.

In the meantime, I wanted to proclaim my love for Kaju Tofu House and Kung Fu Tea. Korean food is hard to come by in Boston, so I cherish every moment of a Korean meal. Kaju Tofu House is known for their soondubu (tofu stew), and boy was it delicious. Steph and I ate ourselves into happy fools.

The banchan spread was super tasty...

The dried seaweed was my favorite, as it was a perfect crispy mix of salty-sweet in between spoonfuls of my soondubu. I also loved how the plate of kimchi was larger than all other plates. So smart.

We both got the seafood soondubu.

The best is trying to eat it right away, burning everything in your mouth because it's so hot, but keepin' on, because all you want to do is eat the darn delicious thing. The tofu was very tender, and spice-level was moderate. Very satisfying.

We also ordered kalbi. I never go anywhere without kalbi.

It came over a bed of onions, and the marinade was fantastic. The meat itself was a little tough to chew, however. 

As if one order of kalbi wasn't enough, we also ordered kalbi over rice (with carrots and cabbage) in a stone pot. Not quite bibimbap, but pretty close.

I mixed it all up as you would normal bibimbap. Again, the meat was a bit chewy/tough. I love anything with mixed rice in a stone pot - note the lovely browned/burnt pieces of rice! - so I was still a happy camper.

I love Steph's expression showing our spread. 

I need to go back soon.

For dessert, one should always get boba, and Kung Fu Tea is the place to go, as it's best boba I've had in Boston.

This particular location (off Huntington and Mass Ave) is the newest one, and I love all the space and the look. They also use and sell Yakult (for Chinese/Taiwanese readers: our famous Yang Le Duo!) and macarons in case you're hungry. Anyway, the teas and smoothies are great, and the boba texture itself is phenomenal. Perfect bounce, never stale, and always with sufficient brown-sugar-sweetness. One of my favorite things is that they let you choose different levels of sugar in your drink (70%, 50%, etc) - JUST like in Taiwan. *swoon* With this being only 2 min from my apt, I'm going to have trouble fitting into my wedding dress. Wish me luck!

Kaju Tofu House (multiple locations)
58 Harvard Ave, Boston, MA 02134
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Kung Fu Tea (multiple locations)
334 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115
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  1. love tofuuu !

    the kung fu teas are not the best here, so one day ill have to check out yours :)