Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why I am getting fat lately: the ice cream at Jeni's

I'm traveling again for work.  It usually impacts my ability to update this blog.  Now, it is also impacting my weight.

Columbus, OH is never what I would consider a travel destination, but if you find yourself here, the North Market is surprisingly adorable and ample with sweets, treats and eats.

The clam chowder from The Fish Guys is ridiculously rich and full of clams (loooove), the pho at Lan Viet is not the best you'll ever eat, but hits the spot all the same, the focaccia bread and pepperoni roll from Omega Bakery are uh-mazing, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream is indeed just decadent, creamy bliss.

The small comes with two flavors.  I've only tried the state-sake flavor of Buckeye (peanut butter with crunchy flakes of dark chocolate) and the dark chocolate which does taste like the inside of a chocolate truffle (you know, the very best part).  The ice cream is so rich, my body writhes inside like it's about to have a heart attack, but I can't stop from eating every last spoonful.

Sometimes, I can't squeeze in a scoop of ice cream during the week, but I don't fret, because Jeni's conveniently has vending machines in the airport.  Yes.  Genius.  Yes to no regrets ever!

The vending machine is awesome, featuring their signature flavors including the option of a macaron ice cream sandwich. Yes, you just heard Diana swoon.

The machine takes credit cards, and the ice cream is a little too cold to eat when it comes out, but a good 10-15 minutes later, you'll be on your flight, spooning this utter heaven into your mouth, and knowing your trip home has never tasted better.

Jeni's is noted as the top best ice cream in our nation, and I can see why.  I'm already enamored, and I can't wait to try more flavors.  Belmund tells me it's not the best in Ohio though, so the top slots will remain TBD as I continue to scour the nation for the best, and will loosen up my belt accordingly.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Definitely worth a visit!  Dark chocolate is completely dreamy (and healthy for you, right?) :)

Multiple locations and ships!


  1. you have GOT to be kidding! i am drooling all over my keyboard... (and that vending machine is SO cute and SO genius!)

  2. Did I not comment on this post before? I've been messing with my RSS reader, it marked this post as unread, which gave me the joy of reading it again. JENI'S! The best ice cream in Ohio if you like funky flavors! (Graeter's is the best for big chocolate chunks, of course.) So excited that you got to go to the North Market. Columbus is THE travel destination! At least for me; 90% of my plane tickets are for that city.

  3. HA, I was creepin' on the internet as per usually and somehow I got here. Love the name drop but I hope you eventually got to try Graeter's and Johnson's as well before you left.