Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tum & Yum in My Tum

This is a mini-post with mini pictures for this quick dinner I had with Jean on the Upper West side.  In a little known area called Manhattan Valley (this funky area between the beginning of Harlem and the UWS), is a Thai mecca.  So many Thai places that the eye can see (or maybe like four or five)!

We tried the newcomer, Tum & Yum, and while the volume of business seems mostly take-out and delivery, the restaurant is nice enough for a sit-down meal as well - just don't expect killer service.

We tried the sawai fish dipped appetizer - we were sold after the menu described it as being served with a "sassy dipping sauce."  We love sass.  And it did deliver a bit of some!  Blanched chunks of white fish with garlic and celery and a tangy, spicy fish sauce.

The curries, green and massaman, were really tasty, plenty of rich coconut flavor and large slices of chicken breast.

While the serving is plenty to split into two meals, somehow we were both gauging how much we eat based on how much the other ate, and we both ended up finishing the entire bowl. Whoops!

PS. The Thai iced tea is solid also.  

Han's Nonsensical Rating: I always say God bless the tasty Thai restaurant, and thank you for always having great lunch specials. Tum & Yum is a solid spot with really good curries!

Tum & Yum
917 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10025

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  1. i think i eat more thai food than any other food !!