Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brunch at Cafe Orlin

Diana is right!  Man alive time flies!!  Yes, I am still alive and now loving the end of wintry days, the emergence of summer warmth and ****BRUNCHHHHH*****!!!

Cafe Orlin is a popular spot in East Village with outdoor seating (a brunch must-have for New Yorkers) and more indoor seating than you would imagine in this sunken bunker.  So it seemed a good fit to meet up with Jamie again while she was in town for a wedding.

Our party of two was seated in a matter of minutes.  Love. Small. Brunch. Parties!

I ordered the Tunisian eggs, a pair of medium cooked eggs over sauteed peppers and tomatoes, soft pita bread to sop up the spicy sauce, and a nice pile of home fries.  It was light, flavorful and fun to eat.  I managed to spill the sauce on myself at least two times and really have no excuse for it.  (Let's factor that as part of the fun!)

Jamie and I shared the pumpkin pancakes that come fully dredged in a cinnamon yogurt topping.

The pumpkin pancakes are one of their most popular dishes.  It's pretty good, but a lot denser than I imagined.  I will say that the cinnamon yogurt is absolutely delicious though and worth just running your whole tongue over in complete abandon of any social etiquette.

Jamie ordered the feta cheese and spinach omelette that was adorably topped with three nicoise olives. It seemed healthy and light when she needed something healthy and light.  It was not nearly as messy as my Tunisian eggs, so she generously shared her napkin with me at times of need (such a good friend!).

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Cafe Orlin is cute!  It's not my favorite brunch spot, but it's comfortable, friendly and offers decent bang for your brunch buck!

Cafe Orlin
41 St Marks Place
New York, NY
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