Friday, July 26, 2013

Oleana. Amazing. Eat it immediately.

Today, I was sitting at my desk thinking about what I should post next for your hungry eyes, until it dawned on me.  Shame on us for not posting anything on what had to have been one of my tastiest meals ever. With Diana. Boston. My thirties.  All of those -it's true.

Hopefully you make do with the following ill-lit photos (the restaurant is mega-dark), my limited food description and memory, and just pure, good faith that Diana and I would never steer you wrong.  Ever.  
And so we present to you our meal at Oleana.

It began with plentiful soft, airy breads and fruity olive oil.

Continued with fried mussels, hot peppers and a turkish sauce that were a plump and spicy medley of creamy, crispy fun.

The spinach falafel, donning a tahini cap and beetroot shoes, was crunchy and fresh.

The chickpea terrine, with apricot, pistachio and sauce was an easy way to finish a whole bunch of crisps.  So we asked for more.

And while they weren't able to give us more of those delectable crisps, they gave us these other amazing crackers, which I could eat everyday for all eternity.

The sultan's delight is probably one of the most popular dishes at Oleana, with good reason.  The tamarind sauce is delectable against the ever-so-tender beef. 

The accenting smokey eggplant puree is both dreamy and creamy.

And maybe Diana can help me out, I have completely forgotten what this dish was.  It was a hunk of pork belly with lentils.  It was great also, but not a standout.

Nor were the flattened potato side with lemon and oregano.  Kind of soft, tangy with spice, but perhaps too much alongside everything else.

And the crown jewel of the entire meal is definitely the baked Alaska dessert which is truly one of the best desserts we've ever had.

Gloriously tall peak of brilliantly toasted, creamy meringue, piled high on coconut ice cream and an unbelievable, uhhh-mazing passion fruit caramel.  No problems finishing this.  I could eat a second in a heartbeat.  So delicious !

So repeat after me: You must go to Oleana.  You must eat a lot of small plates.  You must eat the baked Alaska.  And you must let us know if your life felt a hundred times better afterward.  Sorry, I'm bossy, but sometimes people just need to be told what to do !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Eat. It. Now. Baked Alaska is big enough to share, but you really don't have to.  Live a little! (Okay, maybe share so you don't die from too much happiness.)

134 Hampshire St
Cambridge, MA
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  1. yes, it was definitely pork belly! i want to relive that meal, like, right now. can't wait for oleana round 2!