Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back Bay Social Club

I love Back Bay Social Club for many reasons. First (and second, because this one is important), it's two feet from my apartment. Third, the food is really, really tasty. It is, however, rather a scene, and I'm too old to be eating dinner screaming across the table just to be heard.

Alas, the saving grace of food. We started with some awesome appetizers. First up, sausage sampler.

There was a chicken sausage, a sweet pork sausage, and while I forget the others, I do remember them all being quite delicious. My favorite part of this sampler (and perhaps of the whole meal!) was the grilled peach slices, which were definitely brushed with a honey glaze. Talk about perfection.

Seared tuna with grilled challah.

I didn't try this one, but my reliable sources told me it was very good.

Wagyu meatloaf sliders with cheddar and bacon jam.

My second favorite dish of the night. The meatloaf itself was so flavorful, and the buns were the right kind of pillowy. And who doesn't love bacon jam? Just wonderful.

Meat candy!

Oh crap, this was also one of my favorites. It's grilled kielbasa with brown sugar and grilled pineapple. I am all about the savory+sweet combination, and this one totally fit the bill. 

For entrees, many of us got the famed chicken and waffles.

I really can't resist this dish if it appears on a menu, and I'm glad I made the right choice. The waffles were fluffy and buttery, and the breading on the fried chicken was delightfully herby and flavorful. Outside was crisp, inside was moist, just how we like it. That white dollop on top? Butter (because why not?). A barbecue syrup was generously drizzled over everything, and many of my companions would say that the syrup perfectly complemented the whole thing. I wouldn't have minded a separate stash of pure maple syrup, but that's because I'm addicted to sugar.

Check it out, folks. If you're looking for a scene and good food, go to the Back Bay Social Club for dinner. If you'd rather not deal with the loud crowd, go for brunch (that's my next stop, I think!). And definitely order the chicken and waffles.

867 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02116
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