Sunday, July 14, 2013

a delightful breakfast sandwich @ birchwood kitchen

i have decided that chicago is full of quaint, rustic restaurants that serve up delicious food while making you feel like you're right at home. birchwood kitchen is no exception.

exposed brick gets me every time.

you know what else gets me? a pile of homemade bread right next to my head.

i ordered a breakfast sandwich: vegetable frittata + cheese + grilled focaccia.

i LOVED this. the bread was nicely grilled and just dense enough that it didn't get too soggy with everything else going on. the eggs were the right kind of fluffy, and the cheese... with that melty picture, what else can i say? swoon.

dan got the eggs chorizo.

he said it was pretty solid - the only thing i tried was the chorizo, and i can confirm that the chorizo was tasty and not too salty. dan's only complaint is that he thought there was too much chorizo. please note that the words "too much chorizo" have never been a part of my consciousness.

and because breakfast is incomplete without dessert, we had to try the berry crumble cake.

the tartness of the fruit complemented the sugary crumble perfectly, and the cake itself was fresh and soft. check plus!

i'm ready for another trip to birchwood kitchen right now!

2211 w. north ave
chicago, il 60647
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  1. i wouldnt mind some berry crumble goodness in my belly right now !