Friday, April 26, 2013

Terrific Korean Fried Chicken at Mono + Mono & Dessert Club Chickalicious

Mono + Mono, I love you.  I love that cool, cool ambience with those old-school records lining the walls, and those lovely jazz notes floating in the background.

I love your pork jeon.  I had no idea that it would be little silver dollar-sized pork and onion-like sausages that had the most addictive soy-based marinade.  (I could eat dozens, but I usually only eat one because I know how to share, but not necessarily because I want to.)

I like your sesame leaf jeon a little bit less,

though the little sesame leaf wrapping is sooo adorable,

but the juicy pink beef interior is a little bit disconcerting.

But the main reason I truly love you is your fried chicken (naturally).

It's perfect.  It comes in two flavors - hot & spicy (and oh ! what a lovely level of spice !) and soy garlic (a lovely mix of sweet and savory). A large combo platter is my most favorite order in the world.  The chicken is twice fried to make the skin particularly thin and crispy, and the whole thing is a beautiful spectacle that brings tears to my eyes (and that's not because the chicken wings are spicy).

And that's all you should mainly order.  Jeon and fried chicken.  Repeat. And then do it again.  Oh, sweet happiness!

I did go ahead and try some other dishes for your sake though !
The bulgogi mung bean pancake was interesting, but I don't think I'd order it again.  Definitely beany with a touch of mung. Just kidding.  Quite the blandcake ! Ha !

Garlic seafood fried rice was a nice little dish, with chunks of fresh seafood, a nest of fried green onions, and sticks of asparagus.

Fries are thick cut and not quite memorable.  You should order the soft shell crab buns instead (not pictured) because they have like 25 spices on it (who knew you could fit that many spices on a soft shell crab?), and it's fun to see how those crabs barely fit in that bun, or in your mouth, but it's fun to try all the same.

After your lips are stinging and singing from the tastiest Korean fried chicken to hit East Village, mosey on over to Dessert Club Chikalicious for their tasty strawberry shortcake sundaes, thick and tasty soft serve, and more.

At the clerk's recommendation, I tried this multilayered mayhem of chestnut cake, almond paste, meringue, whipped cream and chestnut icing.  Not too sweet, this nutty thing, with crazy textures in every layer, was a hit among the group.

I kind of fell in love with the Michelle Obama though - salted caramel, soft serve with a dash of espresso.  It's a sultry little affogato that's un-fogatable.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Mono + Mono and Dessert Club Chikalicious just might be my favorite food pairing in some time.  I am pretty sure angels sing every time I crunch my teeth into one of those gloriously golden glazed wings.  Okay, maybe that's just the crispy skin ringing in my ears, but boy is it a heavenly feeling !

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