Sunday, April 21, 2013

Date Night in Harlem: Jado + Lido

Moving is a complete pain, but boy is living in a new neighborhood exciting !  And we're already off to a good start with initial explorations !

Jado is a charming sushi spot off of Frederick Douglass and 114th.  They have fun little appetizers, loads of neat roll options, and the added bonus of providing awkward date encounter-type entertainment !

While we eavesdropped on the strangest pairing next to us, we noshed on:

Fried oysters with panko crust.  Plump. Crunchy. Awesome.

A trio of rice balls - tuna-mango, salmon avocado, and crab asian pear.  

Look at this one !  There's some ham in there !

The tuna mango was the best.  Spicy, sweet and crispy - all the best textures and flavors in a fun, bundled bite!

We ordered a few rolls, like the mango spicy tuna, the spider roll that came with slices of granny apple, and the Poseidon with tuna, salmon, hamachi, crab and scallop !

The rolls were perfectly sized, with the right balance of sushi rice and fresh fish.

Our favorite was definitely the mango spicy tuna - the sesame seed studded exterior completely sealed the deal for us. 

For dessert, we nabbed a window seat at Lido, and ordered a brownie sundae (with hazelnut and marscapone ice creams),

and warm crepe with salted caramel and rum custard.  This dessert was amazingly light, the crepe just filled with creamy air.  The brownie was just okay (the hazelnut ice cream was the best thing about it with itty bitty bits of hazelnuts in the scoop).

Overall, the duo make a lovely night in Harlem.  I can't wait to explore more at these two restaurants and others !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: So excited for good sushi in Harlem at Jado ! The mango tuna roll and rice balls are a  must !  And Lido's outdoor seating makes it so irresistible for those warm summer nights.

2118 Frederick Douglass
New York, NY

2168 Federick Douglass
New York, NY
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  1. i am going crazy over here about those rice balls! ymmmm...