Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dine in Brooklyn 2013 - Italian @ PT

Man, I went back to Williamsburg last weekend, after a month hiatus, and I can only say that I am not sure how I lived in that hipster haven for so long.  I can't say that I miss the scene all that much (or at all), but the restaurants were good.

PT was a recent discovery, a cozy basement restaurant serving up homey Italian cuisine.

Check out this crazy bread basket with crunchy crostini, flaky sheets, and soft sourdough bread.  So much to choose from and so little time.  I like that.

The calamari, dusted with paprika, were crispy, lightly battered rings served with warm marinara sauce.  Decent, but boy I missed the tentacle pieces.  I am such a tentacleface.  I would eat a whole bowl of tentacles if they let me.

Tanuja ordered spaghetti, which came heaped in a bowl, crowned with fresh tomato sauce and basil.

She cleaned this plate up easy and joked with the waiter, "You don't even have to wash it!" but his face clearly indicated that he was still going to wash it.

I ordered the lasagna alla bolognese, made with layers of bechamel sauce that the waiter insisted made this lasagna a lot lighter than the norm, and hence you can eat more.  I always like the sound of that.

The serving was fat and thick, but the dish did go down easy - delectable burnt edges, chewy noodles, and flavorful little layers of meat sauce and bechamel.  I did not clean up my plate as easy (but sure enjoyed having it for lunch the next day!).

To top it all of, this tiramisu sundaesque confection was borderline amazing.  Espresso soaked ladyfingers mashed with the creamiest marscapone filling.  Guh. So good.

I liked this meal ! She did too !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: There's a few Italian places in Williamsburg, but PT is a notch above the rest.  The service is weird (is it friendly or is it snarky?  Who knows!), but the food tastes pretty fine!

331 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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