Saturday, December 29, 2012

tastes from all over boston @ parish cafe

a coupla days before i flew to texas to spend holiday time with family (aka, to eat my face off), ritu came into town and we lunched at parish cafe. the cafe's concept is totally fun: specialty sandwiches created by chefs from restaurants all over the great city of boston. 

i've still never been to l'espalier, so i thought i'd try out 'the l'espalier' created by frank mclelland. it's maine crab meat mixed with a homemade remoulade, served open faced on brioche and topped with avocado and mango. doesn't it sound pretty? it is!

this was super refreshing and delightful. the mixture was not overly liquidy - which is good, because i hate soggy bread. oh, the bread! toasted and buttery and delicious. the mango was a nice, sweet touch, and i could never complain about avocado on anything. well done, mr. mclelland! $18 bucks for a little peek into your brain is a pretty good deal!

ritu was feeling more brunchy, so she got the elephant walking on eggs ("sandwich from the mountain") created by the elephant walk's gerard lopez. it's eggs sautéed with veggies and goat cheese served on a baguette. this is the dish i would have gotten were it not for the words goat and cheese so close together.

trust me, it was hard fighting the temptation to take a bite. look at those fluffy and beautiful eggs! ritu assured me that the sandwich was wonderful. 

and can i please give a shout-out to whoever is in charge of music for parish cafe? multiple third eye blind and vertical horizon songs made my heart swoon and transported me back to senior high. (yes, i was in high school in the 90s.)

here's ritu sittin' pretty. 'twas a fantastic lunch date, and the only thing that could have made it better is if samiksha and sophia were there, too. *hug*

stay safe and eat lots... see you in 2013!

360 boylston st.
boston, ma 02116
(another location in the south end)
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  1. yuuuuum. man those eggs look so good. i might've bit the bullet and snuck a quick bite :)