Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Meating of the Minds at BrisketTown

I'm not sure if it's the sheer number of "y'alls" I manage to drop in a single day or my affinity for boot-scootin' across a dance floor, but it's well known that I, like Diana, am a Texan (yeehaw!).  And as good Texans, we appreciate ourselves some mighty slabs of meat.

So why don't you just hop into my fire-engine red F150 quad cab pickup truck, 'cause, my cuties, we are going to BrisketTown, population: Williamsburg hipsters who enjoy themselves some old fashioned Texan-inspired eats. 

The menu is super simple. You got your choice of lean or fatty brisket for $25/lb or pork ribs for $22/lb.  Two side options: German potato salad and red cabbage slaw.  Two dessert options: apple galette and pumpkin pie.  Everything served with one complimentary, heaping serving of love.

I know the menu is easy, but can I just order for you?

If the option is ever fatty - please get fatty.  Get a few slices.  Look at that glorious char !

And pleeeeeease (pretty, pretty please with salted caramel on top), get a couple of ribs.  Or like a whole pound (which is about 4 ribs).  Savor the tender succulence of the pork.  Pay no mind to all the meat that is probably launched in between your teeth (it can be a snack for later!).

And whatever you do...

DO NOT forget to order this freakishly delicious German potato salad.  I don't know why you were even trying to contemplate the red cabbage slaw (it should be against the slaw for you to have those thoughts!).

I don't even like mayonnaise!   But when the potatoes are cooked with copious amounts of pork belly fatty freakin' goodness, and shittons of onions and herbs, this thing is one decadently savory potato salad I will always mayo-nage to chow down.

Complimentary sides to the meat include slivers of raw white onions, round pickle slices, and housebaked white sliced bread.  There are no barbecue sauces to distract you here, allowing you to truly focus on, and enjoy the awesome smoky goodness of the meat unadorned.

After you do that, and lick your lips in sweet satisfaction, eat yourself some pie ! 
It's all made in-house.
While the apple galette, with thin slices of apple, was tender and tasty,

it was the pumpkin pie that was the surprise winner - absolutely light and creamy, with a lovely, buttery crust.

BrisketTown opens at 6:30p daily, until the meat sells out.  When the doors first opened, the lines were long and eager, however, the crowd died down considerably by 7:30p on a Sunday night, so it might be worth waiting a bit to grab your beefy bite!

Han's Nonsensical Rating: BrisketTown is a no-fuss must.  Pack your roomiest and classiest sweatpants and go to Town on the pork ribs, the potato salad and the pie !

359 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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  1. ugh, i just left texas, and i miss it (and meat like this!) already!

    also, that potato salad looks ridonk good...