Monday, November 26, 2012

Graffiti: A Place of Great Date Night Potential

Do you have someone in your life that you really like and want to sit super close to while eating delicious, small plates of Indian-Asian fusion made by an Iron Chef contender?

Enter Graffiti, a tiny little gem in the East Village, so warm and inviting, but barely seating 20 people at a time.  Couples are seated side by side on square high-top tables, with intimacy enhanced by candlelight and soft conversations.

Tanuja and I started our night with lychee martinis served in lowball glasses with slushed ice and subtle but sweet lychee juice.  This little sucker had me buzzing after a few sips.

Graffiti offers an assortment of vegetarian options, including their green mango paneer appetizer, which features tender cubes of paneer coated with an addictive, spicy tang.

The zucchini hummus pizza was surprisingly amazing - crushed pistachios adding a lovely, nutty crunch on a layer of smooth hummus that was spread generously on fried, crispy flatbread.  So. Good.

Vegetable dumplings were covered in an Indian type of snack mix and accented with grapefruit confit.

The wrapper was thin and soft, and the grapefruit added a wonderful citrusy note that lightened the dish nicely.  I am really loving grapefruit cameos in savory dishes !

Our last dishof cumin eggplant buns came three to a plate.  Chunks of soft eggplant topped with thyme relish were richly flavored, and perfectly bundled within soft, slightly sweet bao bread.  

The four shared plates had us perfectly satisfied, full, but not uncomfortably so, with just enough room for dessert.

We grabbed a sweet treat about a dozen steps away at Dessert Club Chikalicious.  Their small cupcakes are great, with moist, tender crumb, and not too sweet, but everyone in the place kept eyeing this one Asian stud standing to the mirror who was eating some crazy softserve ice cream number that was served within a sugared eclair.  I still think about it now.  Okay - that's it! I am going to go eat it tomorrow.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: Only come here with someone you really like, since you'll have to check your concept of personal space at the door, but get ready for some seriously tasty food! 

224 East 10th St
New York, NY
Reservations highly recommended
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Dessert Club Chikalicious
204 East 10th St
New York, NY
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  1. I've been wanting to go to Graffiti! Chef Mehta is a cartoon of a person, but his food always appeals to me. So glad you liked that hummus pizza so I have an excuse to order it.

    1. Yes - I can't speak for the meat courses (though maybe you can give me your viewpoints when you go!), but the hummus pizza was definitely my favorite that night!

  2. that pizza looks out of this world!! i NEED to visit you so i can eat here.