Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boston ! One Hungry Mother...

With my recent visit to Boston to see Diana, I had just one request - can we please eat at Hungry Mother again?  That catfish is all I could clearly remember since my last visit months ago.  And so despite weather delays, and random traffic jams, and other impossible life hurdles, we finally found ourselves in the warm arms of Hungry Mother once again, and her bosomy self felt so good.  (Is that weird?  Or is that just right?)

We started with a half dozen wellfleet clams, such adorable little buggers, wearing a hat of Tabasco mayonnaise, pickled delicata squash and a little chip of fried chicken skin.  Altogether, the small bites were light, chewy and just fun to eat.

For the main event, we shared plates of cast iron roast chicken, served with mustard greens, lots of dixie sausage, red beans, and sweet potato aioli.

While the chicken was just fine (crispy skin was nicely seasoned and appreciated, meat moist but fairly bland),

The real star of the dish were the sides, the creamy sweet potato puree and the savory slices of sausage.  Using each piece of chicken as a sponge to extract even more sweet potato off the plate was the clear way to go with this entree.

But I suppose any entree would be diminished comparatively in the presence of the pecan-crusted catfish, which never ceases to tug at my fat-laced heartstrings.  The plating is seasonal, and this time the catfish was served with pecans, cauliflower, and carolina gold rice.

Diana and I will never cease to be amazed at just how light and delicate the pecan crust is, and how succulent, flaky, and fresh the catfish is within it.  Each bite is a swoon of love and Southern seafood perfection.  Sigh!

Here, there's never a question of whether to have dessert (should that ever be a question?), and the night's offering included a pear pie with an addictively thick, buttery crust,

and a pot de creme with burnt caramel marshmallow and cinnamon toast.  (Yeah.  Sounds hella good, doesn't it?)

It was hella good!  I prolly bogarted most of the burnt caramel marshmallows because I loved them so much.  The char combined with the chocolate was melty sweet heaven in my mouth.

The cinnamon toast was a nice nostalgic touch also.

With the bill come more sweet nuggets.  They tell us what this is everytime, but by this point, I am usually feeling my new food baby kick forcibly at the bursting seams of my dress.  All I know is it's chocolatey, soft, and melts in your mouth so you don't even have to chew (if you're already overwhelmed with all the amount of eating you've completed already - serious first world problems) !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: If I lived in Boston, I'd eat here all the time.  And no one would read this blog anymore, because all I would talk about is pecan-crusted catfish, and everyone would think I was crazy, but maybe you're crazy if you're not eating here!

233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave
Cambridge, MA 02141
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  1. Lovely pictures. Those burnt caramel marshmallows are really calling to me.

  2. that toast was so pleasant!!

    also, anna said she needs to visit hungry mother now because of your post. :)

  3. thanks for share...