Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sa Aming Nayon & Pie Corps

One of my very first meals since India was a plate of glorious pork belly from Sa Aming Nayon, a newish Filipino restaurant in East Village.  It's steps away from the L train, which I love, and it serves up beautiful inihaw na pork belly!

The pork belly was very good, crispy, chewy in the good way, and full of soy-marinade flavor.  Dipping each piece in the vinegar helped cut the fat and balanced the salty taste. 

The grilled options on the menu come with option of steamed rice, baked potato or french fries (weird!), so I ordered the garlic rice a la carte, because garlic fried rice is such a beautiful thing.  Sa Aming's is solid with lots of bits of crunchy garlic.  I really should learn how to make this.

While I enjoyed my food at Sa Aming Nayon, I could not believe that my lunch took nearly two hours to deliver to my table.  Hopefully they work out some staffing / timing kinks since I do want to come back soon.

Walking to Union Square, I was ecstatic to see the Kelvin truck!

My favorite remains the ginger slush with mango swirl, but this time I opted for an another add-in of fresh basil.  Lemme tell ya...awesome.  This might be my new favorite.  I think anything here would be my favorite.  Love them.

Now to balance out this post, I need a dessert!  I attended the City Harvest Brooklyn Local event a few weekends ago that featured dozens of Brooklyn food artisans, and while most of those who attended appear at other local markets (i.e., Smorgasburg, Hester Street Fair, etc.), my eyes zoomed right in at Pie Corps' table that was loaded with a stunning assortment of sweet and savory pies.

They offer a wide variety of pies that you can buy and reheat at home.  If I wasn't leaving the following day for Dallas, I would've bought a bunch, but I couldn't walk away empty handed, so I bought one of their adorable mason jar pies for $5:

The Mexican chocolate pudding was a thick fudgy mass of spiced chocolate drizzled in caramel.

It was love at literal first bite...like Sookie and Bill.  Like Sookie and Eric.  Like Sookie and everyone.  This thick, creamy pie is irresistible.  

I enjoyed chipping away at the crust inside the jar too.  Man.  Pies in jars.  We all need more of those.  Instant bliss!

Sa Aming Nayon
201 1st Ave
New York, NY 
Sa Aming Nayon on Urbanspoon

Catering available online, or at New Amsterdam Market every Sunday


  1. Sweeeeeet jesus. That isn't pudding. It's fudge! Or icing! Looks so good.

    That pork also looks pretty incredible. My Filipino friend is always hunting for restaurants that remind her of home, so I'll have to point her to this one. And I'll go with her if they have halo-halo!

  2. i just ate chicken noodle soup and feel so inadequate about my lunch. hahah. AMAZING THINGS all up on this post. pie in a mason jar? not fair at all. :)

  3. So many pies! Insane - I'd like to try that chocolate concoction.